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The 25 Best Working Mom Bloggers of 2019

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Most working moms are already busy balancing two full-time jobs, but blogging too? Color us impressed. Sourced by scanning all of social media for the top mom bloggers in the business who also have day jobs, these 25 women tackle everything from the nitty-gritty of working mom life, culture and what needs to change, to uplifting beauty, style, home, food and health ideas. What made them all win our highest accolades? While their posts are packed full of inspo, they’re never about perfection. Get to know ‘em below, in no particular order, and then start reading.

Professional Moms Who Are Honest About the Struggle and Keep Us Sane

1. The Mom at Law

As a practicing attorney, working parents advocate, blogger, freelance writer and mom of three (with twins!), Candace Alnaji is a candidate for the “I don’t know how she does it club,” but in her weekly blog posts, she’s open about what’s had to change to be the kind of mom who can—kinda sorta—do it all. “I worked from home one day per week, then two, then three, then four,” she writes, “then, in the summer of 2017, I made the transition from associate to counsel with my firm. Then the twins came!” With trademark warmth and realness, her blogs provide practical and relatable tips for working moms, such as her recent post “New Moms: There is Life Beyond the Fourth Trimester.”

Candace Alnaji

Candace Alnaji


2. The Mrs. The Mommy. The M.D.

A mother of two and fetal medicine fellow, Jasmine Johnson has blogged about applying to medical school as a mom, her work as a doctor, life as a working mom and women’s health. Her posts about all the daily challenges she faces as a black, female doctor with two little kids, and how she responds, encourage other working moms to keep pursuing their biggest dreams. “I know that most doctors don’t look like me. In fact, only about 4 percent of them do. And this is why … we are still having conversations about how physicians come in all colors,” she writes. “And it makes me the most excited to think that a Black, female doctor is the standard for my children and not the exception … They can do and be anything.” Catch her 2019 blog posts through inspiring Instagram captions.

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“You’re the doctor?”... “You look too young to be the doctor!” “Are you sure you’re the doctor?” . I usually follow this statement up with “I may look young, but I promise I’m qualified” or “I’m old enough to have two of my own babies actually”...and then carry on . Some times it isn’t so lighthearted...There are no words to describe the look a patient gives you when they are assessing your appearance as a reflection of your competency. One time, after meeting me, a patient asked that they instead see an “older doctor”... . I know that most doctors don’t look like me. In fact, only about 4% of them do. And this is why, even in the year 2018, we are still having conversations about how physicians come in all colors . But then there are also all the beaming faces when I introduce myself as "the doctor". The hugs from patients and their families. When they won't let me leave before saying "how proud" they are, because I am the first Black doctor they have ever had. It makes you push harder . And it makes me the most excited to think that a Black, female doctor is the standard for my children and not the exception. It is all they have known since birth. They can do and be anything 😉 . So let’s all keep motivating those coming up after us and showing the world what is possible! . Yes, #IAmYourDoctor. . Thanks for the tag @drkristamarie! ❤️Read more stories from some amazing social media docs by clicking the hashtag ❤️ . . . #obgyn #obgynlife #obgynresident #obgynresidency #medicaleducation #doctor #medicine #womenshealth #womeninstem #womeninmedicine #womeninsurgery #doctormom #physician #physicianmom #momsinmedicine #workingmom #blackgirlswhoblog #blackgirlmagic #mrsmommymd #medicalschool #medschool #obgynresidency #residency #fellowship #mamasinmedicine #womenshealth #pregnancy #maternalfetalmedicine

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3. Dr. Rupa Wong

After serving as chief resident at NYU Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat, where she met her husband (“It was very Grey’s Anatomy of us!”), the couple moved to his native Hawaii. Because no one was hiring, they opened their own practice in Oahu. Now, Dr. Wong is an eye doctor, entrepreneur and mother of three elementary school–age kids. She blogs about health, lifestyle and life as a working mom, demystifying common eye questions (“What is that gunk in my newborn’s eye?”), embarking on a 7-day vegan challenge and answering the ever-irksome “How do I manage it all?”

4. Forever Freckled

This parenting blog is run by three sisters: a pediatrician, a veterinarian and a stylist, and they all offer helpful wisdom in regular posts about their area of expertise. Mom of two Katie is a pediatric emergency room doctor, who answers common questions around children’s illness, such as “I’m sorry, my child has what disease?” Mom of three Allison tackles pet topics and health (like how to work out and stay fit.) And stylist Carrie shares her passion for fashion and other lifestyle advice as a work-from-home mom of a 2-year-old.

5. The Corporate Sister

Professor Solange Lopes writes about life as a woman of color in the business world (she’s a CPA by trade), career advice, and working-mom hacks and challenges. Her helpful posts run the gamut from relationships (“How to Nurture Your Marriage as a Busy Working Mom,”) to organizing (“12 Best Planners for working women.”) Like many bloggers, she’s created a whole paid coaching aspect to her site, including a community on Facebook and online coaching courses; she’s even got a podcast and an app to connect working women.

6. Love Brown Sugar

Digital media strategist and “boss mompreneur” Christina Brown has been writing about beauty, style, travel and digital entrepreneurship through the lens of self-empowerment for nine years now (“That’s right—I’m an OG!” she writes). The mom of two profiles other entrepreneur-mothers in her series LBS Mompreneur Diaries. She also produces an annual event called BrownGirlsLove Power Day and hosts a digital community @BrownGirlsLove.

7. Dirt and Noise

Ilina Ewen is a 50-year-old mom of two, who freelance writes and does marketing consulting. (“I feel like I half-ass both sometimes because 24 hours in a day are just not enough.”) In her spare time, she pens insightful, lightly-to-unabashedly-liberal posts around women’s issues, including the value of creativity and why we need more people calling out racism in every space. We're here for that.

8. Fab Working Mom Life

Military spouse Julie is a mom of a toddler working full-time as an environmental compliance consultant. In addition to posts all about life as a working military wife, and tips on making money from blogging, she writes prolifically about managing expectations and finding balance as a working mom—to help figure out life, herself, and for others on this journey.

9. Little Miss Fearless

Amanda Sanchez began her blogging journey by sharing her love of all things style while maintaining a full-time job at Adobe and raising a little boy. She’s found that sharing the realities of infertility (she’s expecting now!), negative body image, working mom life and most recently, her crusade to expose the self-limiting beliefs fueled by perfectionism, have helped her grow to 68K followers on Instagram.

Bloggers Who Inspire Us with Their Style and Creativity

10. Call me Loré

Lorena Garcia is the founder of two businesses: a digital marketing studio and a nutritional brand for new mothers called Majka. In her spare time, the busy mother of an incredibly adorable son blogs about motherhood, health and style. What we especially love is her well-edited and personalized beauty and lifestyle product picks for working moms that save us researching time.

11. Lou What Wear

Danielle Davis is a mom of three, owner of public relations firm Lemonade PR and blogger at Louisville, Kentucky, lifestyle blog, Lou What Where, which covers local events, relatable fashion tips and the trials and triumphs of being a working mom. Her posts are chock-full of genius ideas (like this Holiday Card Hunt for gift-giving), but we also cherish the ones about the highs and lows of starting your own business as a busy parent.

12. The Life Styled

Catherine Sheppard is an LA-based stylist who blogs and Instagrams her beautiful finds, with her darling daughter making frequent cameos (we can't wait to meet the little one on the way!). On her blog, you’ll find gorgeously styled magazine-like spreads featuring signature items that will help you feel a whole lot more polished, even if you’re just throwing on jeans. Her product picks clue you in to small boutique finds. And if you become a regular reader, you might even find yourself adopting her minimalist mentality about shopping for only the things you love.

13. Feathers and Stripes

Alyssa Loring is a marketing manager out of Boston by day and blogger by night. This mom of one toddler girl posts about accessible fashion, home design and travel. Other lifestyle blog suggestions can get pricey and never seem to mention what to do when your kid is burping up all over your outfits, so we're indebted to her for keeping an eye on budget and what works for her whole family, like this post on her fave picks from Old Navy at the moment and bringing her baby with her for the first time on a trip to Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

14. Morgan Bullard

Morgan is a 24-year-old sales rep living in Atlanta with her husband and new baby daughter, who works on her family, home and design blog on weekends. She only launched in 2017 and already has about 80K followers on Instagram thanks to fashion and style picks at popular retail chains that make it super easy to shop. She literally tries on all the options so you can see how they look before you go! Morgan keeps an eye out for sales and even does pre-shopping lists to save you a ton of time. Thank you, hero.

15. Fit & Awesome

Lindsay Mauch is a digital marketing company owner, mom of two young daughters and creator of Fit & Awesome, a healthy lifestyle blog she started to keep her accountable on the Whole30 diet in 2012. She gradually started incorporating posts about her pets and being a new mom, and now she regularly includes posts about raising daughters and life as a business owner. This is the site to go to if you are currently geeking out on Whole30, Keto/Paleo or gluten-free eating styles and need simple, working-parent-approved recipes to fit into your life.

16. The Crunchy Mommy

Aaronica Cole identifies as a work-at-home mom (she sells fashion, body butters and more) and prides herself on all things hippie. Her expansive blog covers everything from motherhood, cleaning hacks, eco-friendly ideas, love, relationships, homeschooling and travel. Posts such as “The Crunchy Mommy’s Guide to Keeping Kids Healthy on the Go” offer ways to toe-dip into more eco-friendly and homeopathic lifestyles.

17. SkinnyTaste

Gina Homolka is a New York mom of two, photographer, author and blogger at SkinnyTaste, which attracts 3 million visitors each month. All recipes include Weight Watchers points, keto, paleo, g-free and other special dietary needs, making it a one-stop resource for all your healthy-eating desires. For those with a serious sweet tooth, she’s the master of the healthier indulgence, like these Maple Pecan Cheesecake Shooters. And you can even sort for Instant Pot only.

18. SweetPhi

Philia Kelnhofer, or “Fee,” is a busy new mom who runs operations for natural beauty products company True Botanica, in addition to authoring cookbooks. Her site features easy, delicious, working-family-friendly recipes, with an especially handy 5-ingredient Fridays series. Favorites include: Cheesy Bacon Dip and Beer Brat and Caramelized Onion Pizza. She is also great at cluing in those who want to start blogging and try their hand at food photography. Bonus: She posts about travel too.

19. NYC Running Mama

She sticks to Instagramming these days, but we can't blame her: Michele Gonzalez is now a mom of three who, when she's not on maternity leave, has an epic commute from her home in Staten Island, NY, to her job as a financial analyst for JP Morgan Chase & Co. in Manhattan. And yet she is serious #healthgoals with her commitment to running. The refreshingly honest military vet (she was deployed to Iraq three times) is a marathoner with a sense of humor: One of her most-liked posts is of her dressing her baby bump in a T-shirt that says, "I'm usually much faster when I'm not so freaking pregnant."

Working Moms Who Are Open About the Tough Stuff

20. Finding Cooper’s Voice

Kate Swensen is a digital project manager for PBS and a mom of three, including one son with severe, nonverbal autism. Her site contains a multitude of resources for parents with children who are newly diagnosed with autism, such as this beautiful post, “I Will Sit with You in the Dark,” about what she needed most after receiving her son’s diagnosis but before being ready to look on the bright side.

21. Grok Nation

She may be an award-winning actress, but Mayim Biyalik also runs a whip-smart blog that hits on news, culture, lifestyle and spiritual topics, including ways we can come together to take bold stands against hate. This video about what Mayim really misses about staying at home with her kids gets real about the trade-offs and the gut-wrenching moments. You will relate.

22. Liz Petrone

This frequent Facebook-Live star and blogger often goes viral around the momosphere for her tell-it-like-it-is takes about parenting four kids while working as a writer and author. While some posts hit on the funny side of mom life, as in “The Tao of Spray Tan,” others, such as “Hot Chardonnay and Other Tragedies”, share her struggles with depression and finding meaning in our crazy, unpredictable world.

23. Love That Max

Longtime magazine editor Ellen Seidman has worked on big-time publications such as Good Housekeeping, Glamour, In Style and HGTV, but her blog focuses on finding the "abilities in kids with disabilities"—including her own son, Max, a wonderful kid who has cerebral palsy. The mom of three shares heartwarming news, debunks myths and offers ways to advocate for children like hers. One of her most popular posts, “Smile at a Special Needs Mom,” reminds us of the simple things we can all do to support families, and that in tense moments in public spaces, even simply mouthing, “Are you OK?” can be powerful. And how about this for working-mom realness: She tends to post at 10:00 p.m., after the kids are asleep and she's (tried to) tidy up the house!

24. My Brown Baby

Denene Millner is a former Parenting magazine editor, author of 27 books, including six New York Times bestsellers and one that got turned into a Lifetime movie (!), and possessor of her own award-winning children’s book imprint. In her popular blog, she shares her opinions on news, pop culture, black parenting, writing and aging. Her voice is engaging, irreverent and heartfelt, and her posts cut to the core of what matters, like in this post on turning 50: “I’m excited by the prospects. My dreams are too big for some dumb, ageist box. I’ve chosen to disrupt aging.”

25. Socially Acquainted

Roketa is a flexitarian, “micro-traveling” 30-something social content creator who has two teens. Her mission: “To break single mom stigmas, especially those that surround ones of color.” She’s open about co-parenting with an ex and flawlessly demonstrates how you can have luxuries and meaningful experiences through budgeting and frugality.



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