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This Mom's Breast Milk Turned Pink, and Now We Know Why

If it happens, don't freak out!

When you're breastfeeding, you get pretty familiar with your breast milk, but unless you are pumping, you're probably not checking to see what color it is. Usually breast milk is white or yellow, so you can imagine an Australian mom's shock when she saw her breast milk suddenly turn an unexpected color: bright pink.

The woman, who shared her story on a closed Facebook group called Breastfeeders in Australia, wrote that she first realized that there was something going on when her 16-month-old daughter kept pulling her nipples. That caused some of the milk to spray out, and when she saw the color, her first thought was that she was bleeding, Cafe Mom reports. She began expressing the milk to see if it was still pink. It was.

The rest of the group was as shocked as she was. They wondered why her nipples were bleeding and what effect that would have on the baby. The woman then remembered that she had lot of beets that day—a juice with beetroot, a salad sandwich with beetroot, and a whole can of beetroot—which explains why her urine, her daughter’s urine and yes, her milk turned bright pink.

After the initial surprise the mom decided to taste the fluid for herself, and although she didn’t really know what it tasted like normally, she said the pink beetroot-infused milk was sweet.

According to La Leche League international, the pink-tinged milk is safe to drink, calling it “completely harmless,” Cafe Mom reports.

Beets aren't the only veggies that can alter the appearance of your breast milk; the Australian Breastfeeding Association says carrots, squash, pumpkin and leafy greens can cause it to change color too. Further proof that the diet moms have while breastfeeding truly does matter.


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