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This Mom Made Breast Milk Lattes at a Music Festival, Because Of Course

She was hoping to help end the stigma around breastfeeding in public.

Every year thousands gather at Burning Man in the Nevada desert for off-the-wall outfits, gigantic sculptures and the chance to hang out with some of the most eccentric people in the world. This year’s festival didn’t disappoint in the last category as one mom served up lattes made from her own breast milk to fellow attendees.

Miki Agrawal, the founder of THINX—a reusable period underwear company—and working mom to a newborn son, was at the festival wearing a pumping bra. In an Instagram post she explained that she needs to express milk every three hours, so she decided to multitask while pumping and having a good time. She then went on to give the excess milk away to others.

“Some people downed a whole four ounces hoping for a hangover cure,” she wrote. “Some wanted it for their coffee to make lattes. So many were excited and curious to try it.”

In the gallery she includes photos of her pumping in her outfit and even handing the milk out to some festival-goers.

The executive mom has been open about her breastfeeding in the past. She frequently posts videos and photos on social media of her feeding her son Hiro since he was born in July.

After her first post about giving away her milk went viral, Miki followed it up with an explanation on Instagram.

“Quite simply, I needed to pump my breasts and didn't want to go in the tiny airplane bathroom or find a corner at Burning Man to pump my breasts,” she wrote. “I then realized that there was inherent stigma in breast pumping and even breastfeeding in ‘public’ (humans do eat in public don't they so why can't babies?) so I decided to make this my 'art installation' at Burning Man.”

In addition to putting her milk to use and lifting the stigma around public pumping and feeding, Miki mentions that the whole experience was an opportunity to teach people about motherhood.

“It made me realize that most people (including me before I had Hiro) know very little about motherhood and birth and post-birth and that this needs to be mandatory learning for all humans. Every human has been birthed and raised somehow and yet even the smartest people have no idea what this process looks like. Nobody learns how to become a parent, let alone a good one. Time to change this! Great parenting can change the world!”



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