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This Mom is Charging Kids to Attend Her Twins' Birthday Party and the Internet is NOT Having It

This might be going a little too far.

We all know planning a child’s birthday party can be a real pain for working moms. Between the organizing and decorating, it can become a huge time drain—not to mention costly depending on the venue.

One working mom in England decided to help with the costs of her twin sons’ party by charging £6—about $8.50—a child to attend. The request must have rubbed some invitees the wrong way, because one parent took to a local Facebook group to express her surprise at receiving a fee to go along with the invitation.

“My older kids are in secondary school, and in all my years of hosting and being invited to kids parties, I have never been asked to pay for attending a party,” wrote the parent. “Is this the done thing nowadays?”

This isn’t the only time we’ve seen a mom decide to start charging for events. Back in December, a woman made headlines after deciding to ask family members for $35 a head to go to her Christmas dinner.

Since being posted, the story has been picked up by national publications including the Daily Mail. Many online commenters disapprove of the mom's decision—and suggested she should have scaled back the guest list if she were concerned about costs. (Sixty kids were invited to the shindig.)

"If you can't afford the party, you don't have the party," wrote one person. "Poor kid will be the one to suffer because of the mum's stupidity."

Another commenter insinuated that the party was an attempt to get more presents from other parents.

“There is not a 5-year-old in all of the land who is best friends with every single child in their class,” wrote the commenter. “She just wants her kids to get a truck load of presents.”

However, others supported the fee and even suggested that parents didn’t have to send their kids if it's too high for them.

“Not all parents can afford to pay for parties, but also they want to make their child happy by having a party for them,” wrote Gemma Simms on the original Facebook post. "Instead of buying a gift, you could pay the £6 and buy a birthday card.”

“If you don't agree with the cost, don't send your child,” wrote Ray Patel. “It is a personal choice. Personally, I believe £6 is reasonable for a fun day with friends, food, cake and usually some sort of entertainment.”

After seeing the post and the strong responses, the mom—named Ru Ali—decided to comment and let people understand where she’s coming from.

“I am a single mother with twins, and I spoke to many parents about how to organize the party and how many children to invite,” Ru wrote. “I could not invite half the class and not the other half so that is the reason.”

She also explained that attendance fee is supposed to offset some of what the venue charges as well as food and goodie bag prices.

Despite the controversy, it looks like Ru’s party went off without a hitch. She posted pictures on Facebook of the twins on their big day with all of the other attendees.


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