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Talented Dad's Comics Nail What It's Like to Raise a Toddler

He captures all of the hilarious highs and lows.

Parents of toddlers know that it can be quite a challenge at times. With all of the tantrums and demands for attention, it can leave you exhausted. But, thankfully, it can also be a blast.

Jonathan Jui, the creator of the comic and parenting blog Baba's Field Notes knows the struggle all too well. The father and cartoonist is based in London and draws inspiration from his wife and son Milo (nicknamed Bao Bao).

Jonathan's comics cover everything from trying to get Bao Bao dressed in the morning to potty training problems. In an interview with the Huffington Post he explained that life with a toddler is like an amusement park trip. “It’s a lot of fun, there are some moments of waiting and frustration, and we’re all tired by the end of the day,” he said. “Plus, amusement parks and raising a kid are both so expensive!”

Here are some of our favorite toddler comics from Jonathan:


Stabbed in the back again.

The best feeling.

Definitely not a chair.

Whatever you say, boss.

It's never easy.

Anything to avoid cleaning.

Keep dreaming.

"Do what I want" basically sums it all up.

Something doesn't add up.

We'll stick with normal toddler language.

The Arm Flap is our personal favorite technique.

So that's why kids love their grandparents so much.

We would set the tantrum odds at 100 percent.

Guess somebody is doing laundry tonight.

Every day can be Christmas if your make a big enough mess.

Gee thanks, kid.

Who doesn't miss the days of light traveling.

There's shockingly little "face" in this Face Time.

Toddler leftovers are a staple.

Ain't that the truth.



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