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Superwoman, Luggage and Cute Flats: The New Emojis Were Clearly Meant for Working Moms

They were long overdue!


All the emojis we never knew we needed—but are thankful that we found.

We all love playing around with the latest and greatest emojis, but Apple's 157 new ones for iOS 11.0 are particularly noteworthy because they include some that clearly speak to working moms everywhere. See below for our faves and how we plan to use them.


How did we not have this?! Bagels are their own food group for moms who eat on the go or need something filling to get them through a busy morning full of meetings, and we deserved better.

Bagel Emoji

We still don't have cream cheese.

Leafy Greens

For those who don’t eat bagels. Probably.

Leafy Green Emoji

Lettuce? Kale? Who knows.

Red Hair

This hair color was way overdue. We might not have feelings, but we still deserve an emoji.

Red Hair Emoji

These are cute!

Curly Hair

We shouldn’t have to explain why this was necessary.

Curly Hair Emoji

Long overdue!

Bald Head

How we feel when our children or manager makes us want to tear our hair out.

Bald Head Emoji

Because bald is beautiful too.

White Hair

White hair might be the follicular result of being a working mom for many years. Let's not forget that it also proves our wisdom.

White Hair Emoji

White hair don't care.


Moisturizing is so important, and parents and babies deserve nice skin, especially during winter.

Lotion Emoji

In case you're on diaper duty.


For those business meetings across the country that you have exactly four hours to pack for—or that well-deserved vacation you're finally taking.

luggage emoji

We'll be using this when we're too busy to chat because we're focused on picking pool outfits.


Ah, the commuting mom's staple footwear. Comfort is key and chasing after children (and clients) in heels is just not worth the pain.

Flats Emoji

At least our sensible shoes come in fashion-forward emerald.

Partying Face

When the kids are all asleep. When daycare's open, but work's closed. When your new manager announces a work-from-home whenever you want policy.

Partying Face Emoji

Even moms like to party sometimes.


You bring 'em to get expenses reimbursed but also when a colleague denies ever having that potentially career-changing conversation with you.

Receipt Emoji

The proof is in the paper.

Roll of Toilet Paper

Texting this is way less awkward than screaming for a refill after another member of your household used the last of it without replaing the roll.

Toilet Paper Emoji

We've all been there.

Smiling Face with Hearts

Because we love our family. Even if they don’t replace the toilet paper roll.

Smiling Face with Hearts Emoji

Our face when our little ones actually eat all their lunch.


Now we have an emoji that represents us!

Woman Superhero Emoji

Since Wonder Woman came out this is all we wanted.


We’re not always at our best. We should still have an emoji for that.

You can find all of the new emojis in Emojipedia.

Woman Supervillain Emoji

We all need balance.


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