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Single Mothers By Choice a Booming Trend

There are plenty of working mothers that have made the decision to adopt or go with in vitro fertilization. This could be for a variety of reasons with one of which being their biological clock is ticking. Many career centered women do not want to rush into a serious relationship simply because they want a child. The timing and the person has to be right but now there are options that allow women to become single mothers. There are some controversies about this as there are certain trains of thought thinking that children need to learn things from both parents. Not necessarily gender roles but basically how to interact with certain people as parents are the first people children can mold themselves after.

Where You Can Go

There are a myriad of in vitro fertilization clinics here in the US but they can be extremely costly. Other options lie in Europe where costs are more affordable without sacrificing quality of care. A fertility clinic in Spain or France for example might have the same technology but lower prices due to universal healthcare that is adopted by much of the EU. Barcelona IVF is a great example of a clinic that delivers great care with low costs.

For those adopting they can look in the US but some of the processes can be much more difficult than abroad to adopt as a single parent. The US might require much more income for a single parent in some cases to ensure the quality of the child’s care. Europe has a few countries with much more lax regulations for those who want to adopt. Adoption does come with certain risks as many adoption agencies and orphanages might lie about the past of a child. Extreme mental or physical abuse can lead to a withdrawn child who wants nothing to do with you through no fault of yourself. While abuse should not disqualify a child from adoption, consider it especially if you already have a child. Those who were abused tend to abuse others in many cases.

What To Do Next

Once these women have had their child they might want a change of scenery as the city they are in might not be best suited for their child. They might want to opt to live in a more affordable city or a city where schools thrive. There are even rankings of the best American cities for single mothers for them to research. The mother can now find a person if they want to romantically or continue mothering them alone with a career. Those mothers that work from home will have an advantage as they will be able to continue working without sacrificing time with their new child. Many jobs will consider letting you work from home permanently after a child as long as your productivity does not decrease. This will allow you to skip childcare which can cost a full-time salary in itself.

As you can see becoming a single mother is becoming more popular with the strong women with strong careers. Do not rush a relationship simply because your biological clock is ticking. If you are missing something in your life, it could be the special bond a child shares with its mother.



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