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Pink Proves She's Unbothered by the 'Parenting Police' in Hilariously Sarcastic Post

The singer defended her parenting skills in the best way.

Singer-songwriter Pink is no stranger to mom-shaming—and her excellent reaction to one internet user's attempt to criticize her parenting skills proves she's totally unfazed by it.

Earlier this week, Pink posted a photo of her with her son, Jameson, 2, at the Tierpark Hagenbeck Zoo in Hamburg, Germany.

Though to most, it looks like a cute pic of a mom with her kid, spending a nice day outdoors, appreciating wildlife, Instagram user rivertam810 felt the need to comment, "I'm surprised you go to zoos. Animals shouldn't be in captivity. If it was a sanctuary—that'd be different."

People in the comments section were shocked Pink was being shamed for doing something so many parents do all the time: bringing their child to the zoo. "Wow, [I] can't believe Pink has got to defend herself for taking her kids out for the day to the zoo. 1. A lot of species are only alive today because of captivity. 2. Pink is actually taking her own children out to spend quality time together despite being an amazing megastar. 3. Let kids be kids and just enjoy seeing the animals. 4. Let's just take a minute to actually see that Pink should be able to do whatever the hell she wants. 5. This was meant to be a post about kids enjoying themselves not a debate for save the animals ... ffs let people just be ... I love you @ PINK... xxx," wrote one user. Another commented, "My god, let the woman take her child to the zoo!! If you don’t like it, keep your damn opinions to your self!!"

Pink's own response, however, was much more relaxed. "I believe in capturing a child’s interest and love for an animal before teaching them about things like captivity. But thank you, the world needed your wisdom today," she wrote.

Totally. Unbothered.

To get back at the mom-shamers even more, the day after, she posted a picture of her daughter, Willow, 8, running through sprinklers.

Her hilariously sarcastic caption conveys the attitude that every mother who's dealt with the 'parenting police' can relate to:

"Here’s a picture of my child running through water. It wasn’t even filtered. What a waste of water. And no helmet? I hope she had sunscreen. If she slips and falls she may be traumatized for life. And her mother wasn’t even there. I was ... gasp ... working!!!! In another country! 🤘🏽👎🖕"

The mom-shamers must be speechless by now. What is there left to criticize? Pink's summed it all up.

The singer followed her caption with a string of hashtags, such as #f**ktheparentingpolice and #ifyoufeellikeunfollowingpleasegoddoitquickly.

Her clap-backs didn't stop there. Shortly after posting the photo of her daughter, she served haters another picture of her and Jameson at the zoo, this time viewing guinea pigs. Describing the photo, she wrote: "I would also like to point out that there are GUINEA PIGS in captivity here but they at least go to church like good Christian guinea pigs."

Back in April, Pink appeared on The Ellen Show where she became very emotional talking about previous incidents of being criticized online for her parenting. But as her recent posts suggest, she's unafraid to stand up for herself as a mother—and it's an important reminder we all can too.


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