People Are Sharing Their Hilarious 'You-Know-You're-a-Parent-When' Moments, and We Can Relate | Working Mother

People Are Sharing Their Hilarious 'You-Know-You're-a-Parent-When' Moments, and We Can Relate

Who hasn't hummed a TV show theme song at worK?

Dad eating baby food

You know you're a parent when you'll eat your kid's food, no problem.

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Even though it may be hard to tell at first, there are always little details that let people know you're a parent—whether it's whistling along to a popular children's show theme song or dropping toddler language into your daily conversations.

One dad on Reddit's r/Parenting forum described his recent experience at work when a customer caught him humming the catchy Paw Patrol song and instantly knew that he must have a least one little kid at home. The funny post led to other commenters sharing their own "You know you're a parent when ..." moments. Here are some of our favorite ones:


It's on a constant loop.

Ugh, that guy is such a Bert.

Perfect way to start the day.

What's gonna work?

Nothing better than a nod from a somebody that totally understands.

It's good advice no matter how old you are.

Who said parenting doesn't pay off?

Completely understandable.

It's the perfect response.


Nice save.

It's contagious.

He must have been really hungry.



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