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New Mom @Work

Advice for what soon-to-be moms should consider during pregnancy about returning to work or at any stage of being a new mom at work.


Are you a soon-to-be mom and pregnant at work? Or are you already on maternity leave planning to return to your job at the end of it? Are you back in the workplace with a baby or two at home, tired from lack of sleep, trying to get back into your old wardrobe, and negotiating the issues of child care? Have you chosen to breastfeed at work? Should you speak to your boss about using a breast pump at the office? Is there a private lactation room? The list of questions goes on.

What should you know about traveling while pregnant? Or how do you leave your baby that first trip away?

For the new mom at work it can be a very difficult time. Not only are you sleep deprived because your new bump gets in the way and heartburn has taken over your nights or your new baby is eating on demand or going through changing sleeping patterns, you must also contend with biology. Your hormones are nuts! They went crazy from the moment you got pregnant and now need time to settle down. If you are still breastfeeding, hormones will be active.

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Working Mother is here to support the new mom @work as well as when she is the new mom @home, running a household, caring for her family. All moms have new and different needs at this stage of our lives. It’s all so overwhelming and no one can prepare you for it. A single mom may have different demands than a woman with a partner but the learning curve and on-going need for support are no less.

All Working Mother 100 Best Companies offer paid maternity leave. That is not true everywhere and we have no laws in this country that force employers to pay for maternity leave.

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