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The Motherhood Corner Presents 'Kindness 101': Embrace Diversity

Bettina Bush and her son, Jesse, share a personal story of how celebrating differences can help us all get along better.

Unfortunately, many children who are perceived as “different” may get picked on in school by other children. Which is why it’s so important to teach our kids to be kind to each other and learn to appreciate how other people are different from them.

In this episode of The Motherhood Corner, host Bettina Bush and her son, Jesse, talk about a time when a new student in Jesse’s school was picked on for the way that he talked.

The kids at school made fun of his voice, Jesse explained, but they soon learned that they shouldn’t treat anybody that way. After learning this lesson, the students stopped their teasing and are now friends with this little boy.

As Bettina says, teaching kids about diversity and differences is a key to kindness. As a multicultural woman and mom to mixed-race kids, she understands the importance of practicing tolerance at an early age.

“It’s super important for our self-esteem—and also for our outlook on life and others—to learn how to celebrate diversity and see that the things that make us different, make us awesome,” she says.

She adds that once you teach this to children at a young age, they will grow up to treat everybody with respect.

“It helps you raise kinder kids. And kind kids become kind adults.”



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