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Little mum's magic when it comes to family budget

How on Earth is this woman doing it all?

Being a mother is forever gratifying. There’s probably not a thing in this world that can compare to the love a mother has for her child, the strength she finds for her family in times of need (and otherwise) and the dedication she invests into keeping everyone happy.

Interestingly enough, nobody ever stops to ask “How on Earth is this woman doing it all?”. They don’t ask if we need help at any point. If we are tired, if we’re lacking motivation, if need a breather. Somehow, the common idea is that a woman (who is also a mother) is capable of climbing Mont Everest without even lifting her little finger. And you know what? That seems about right.

A big part of keeping the family together and have everyone satisfied is being able to successfully juggle the family budget. Us mums know that that’s probably one of the toughest things to master as there are always some extra, unplanned expenses you need to find the money for. The pressure is always on! When my husband and I just started our family, apart from all the other things, it was up to me to learn ways to manage the home budget so that everyone is happy and some money saved aside, as well. There were plenty of hiccups I’ll admit, but once I got it down – I got it down.

To help all of you gorgeous mums out there and make your journey at least a bit easier, I’m giving you some great insights that may make your whole budget planning a no-brainer.

Don’t be too honest

No, I am not saying lie, cheat and steal. I am saying that sometimes, but just sometimes, it’s best if you don’t give your husband the real state of the budget, especially if you are working, too.

Contrary to popular belief, men are usually pretty reckless with money while women do have a reason about saving it. They are like grown kids – they’ll want their cars and going to games, and investing in new golf (or other sports) equipment ever so often. They’ll frequently need new and expensive shirts (even though their current ones are still perfect). They’ll suddenly remember they need new tools for this and that… and don’t even get me started on their gadget and technology upgrades (that are SO costly!). This is why, before talking to him about your monthly budget, set some money aside for the rainy days, calculate what’s the sum you’ll possibly be needing for the month and only then talk about it. You can set money aside from your own salary or his, as long as you do it every month. It will take some adjusting, but when things get nasty, he’ll be happy you “lied” to him and saved up!

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Second-hand and online joys

Everyone loves splurging at stores and buying the latest of everything. However, that’s not really an option when you’ve got a (big) family, especially if your monthly income isn’t as hefty as you need it to be. This is why, the option of buying second-hand clothes and exploring online options may be the thing to turn to. With so many great second-hand stores out there, you’d be surprised what amazing pieces you may find! They are all of remarkable quality (often) and they come very cheap. Same applies to online shopping; the online offer is better than ever (often with free delivery) and you can find all kinds of cheap children clothing, adult wear, fabulous cuts that fit into current trends and stuff for home that are generally way too expensive to buy at the local stores. Oh, and - pay attention to sale cycles – those can be a real money saver!


If you are at all creative and have the patience, going DIY on your home will stretch your dollar. Why spend x, y, z dollars on store-sold items for your home when you can make most of them by being just a little crafty. Check out Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram for swoon-worthy DIY inspiration and use the best of it. You may even turn this DIY thing into a family activity that your kids will love and read as “just something they do with their mom”. It may easily become tradition (too cute!), and you get to save money in the process.