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Clever Little Girl Gives Perfect Answer to Offensive, Outdated Homework Question

She's going places.

Ask a stupid question and you might get a brilliant answer. When Yasmin, a girl in Birmingham, U.K., showed her dad, Robert Sutcliffe, the alternative response she wrote in on a class assignment, he proudly took to Twitter to show it off.

PopSugar reports that a teacher had given out a worksheet from 1997 prompting children to write in words that each have "ur" in the middle. Each answer had to match the provided description on the other side. Upon seeing "Hospital Lady" (because that's something people say in real life ... ), young Yasmin chose to write in "surgeon" instead of "nurse"—possibly because her mom and dad are both that kind of healthcare professional. And also, newsflash, girls can be anything they want. The teacher still added in "or nurse" after Yasmin's response, which is also correct, but come on. Let's give Yasmin extra credit for choosing the word that reflects her working mother.

Of course Yasmin's parents were proud, but they're not the only ones celebrating their child's progressive approach. Both women and men took the time to shut down the gender stereotype on this sheet. A Twitter user pointed out that the prompt instead could've been "hospital helper" or "carer." One man even backed up Yasmin's modern take, because this outdated language doesn't only hurt women.

Others also tweeted their support, saying they hope the teacher wrote "or surgeon" on the rest of the kids' papers.

Unfortunately, it isn't rare to see sexism in schools. Back in May 2017, a working mom rewrote her daughter's outrageous worksheet that focused on a little girl who was upset that her formerly stay-at-home mother was starting a job.

Here's hoping the teacher learned that "Hospital Lady" is a dumb thing to put on a class assignment, and that women can be surgeons ... or nurses.



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