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Why Jessica Alba is Glad Her Kids Have Seen Her Struggle as a Working Mom

It's not always a bad thing.

Actress and mom Jessica Alba has an important message for mothers going through hard times and are finding it difficult to keep it together in front of their children: It's OK to let them see you struggle.

In an interview with People, during the launch party of a skincare studio by best friend and fellow working mom Shani Darden, Jessica explained, "I think we all are trying to figure out, like, how much do you put into the thing that keeps you stimulated, keeps you excited and keeps you motivated ... And then how much do you put into your personal [life] and raising them and instilling values and knowing that most of what you say—what goes in and out—and everything you do is what lands with them?”

Jessica, who is a mom of three, to daughters Honor, 11, Haven, 7, and son Hayes, 17 months, whom she shares with husband Cash Warren, continued, "You teach them by doing, and what’s cool is I didn’t start off with anything ... My kids see that I had an idea and I made that idea become something," Jessica said referring to The Honest Company, the baby product line she cofounded in 2011.

As for all the struggles that your kids are watching you face as you set out to achieve your goals—whatever those may be? According to the L.A.'s Finest star and producer, who dealt with her fair share of hardship starting her business, kids learn from that too. Back in January, she told CNBC she felt "alone" in the early days of her company, and was one of three cofounders at the start, with the other two being men.

“Your kids watching you go through the process of failing and pivoting and moving forward and facing challenges, and figuring it out shows them resilience ... It shows them that they can then have an idea and create the reality that they want to have.”

Regarding her and her best friend's parenting, she said, “I feel like both of us are very conscientious of being appropriately honest with our children about the journey ... It’s not always easy, and people aren’t going to hand you something. If you want anything, you got to work at it."



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