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How Colors in Interiors Affect Our Mood

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It is a widely-known fact that colors impact human minds in a different way. However, were you aware of the fact that different colors can impact our moods differently? Naturally, it is only logical that you should strive for evoking different feelings in each of your rooms, after all, there is a reason why we separate these in the first place. Luckily, painting your rooms smart means that you don’t have to worry about current trends in order to achieve a beautiful indoors outlook – the trends come and go, the trend of painting the rooms in accordance to the mood that needs evoking is one that will never quite go away.

Color Traits

Each color has its own psychological value – red, for example evokes passion, while green provides for a pleasurable, calming feel. We usually relate the former to the feeling of blushing and eroticism, seeing as how these are both related to passion. When it comes to color green, however, it is evident that it reminds us of nature and the feeling of calm. Yellow, for example has a neat trait to capture daylight, evoking the joy of sunshine in the room, but can also feel kind of ridiculous and immature. Blue also has a calming experience, even stronger than that of color green, but minus the natural effect of it. Purple is dark and therefore sophisticated and dramatic to a certain extent often associated with luxury and creativity; buying fabric online is always an option when it comes to colors such as productive blue and creative purple.

Colors are divided into three categories: active, passive and neutral. This is where one would start off if they were choosing room colors. For every room, you have your own mental image – so compliment it with appropriate colors according to your personal taste, desires, but also according to the room’s purpose, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

Room Colors

Aside all this psychological trivia, if you have come here to find which color is best for each of your home’s rooms, this is the part you’ll find interesting.

Bedroom – Always opt for green, to evoke the feeling of tranquility and health, the feeling of being in nature

Living room – In order to calm your nerves and settle down, without feeling like you have to fall asleep, purple is perfect for your living room, the shade of lavender, to be exact

Office – In need of productiveness, this room simply begs “orange

Kitchen – This is the place where you’ll need as much sunlight as you can muster, so opt for the joyful and ecstatic yellow here

Dining room – This one is quite interesting – if you’re looking to increase your apetite and the desire to actually eat here, instead of in front of a TV, you should paint it red – a color known for encouraging appetite. If you’re looking to shed some weight, calming and appetite-suppressing green is the color of your kind (to quote a song)

It is very important that you color your rooms appropriately and, if you don’t have a knack/interest for trends, you can opt for going for this one trend that will never go away.


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