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How Alexis DePree Took Risks and Became an Amazon VP

The executive mom discusses the moves she made that brought her to the top.

Alexis DePree

The mom of three treasures the flexibility her job at Amazon gives her.

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Alexis DePree

Company: Amazon
Title: Vice President, Global Customer Fulfillment Supply Chain
Location: Seattle
Kids: Tate, 5, Marlow, 3, and Brock, 2


Going for a job she didn’t believe she was qualified for paid off big-time for Alexis. When Target was recruiting for finance and merchandising roles at a career fair, the then–grad student decided to apply anyway. “I may have been the only candidate with operations written behind my name.” That bold action led to interviews, then a summer internship and, ultimately, a full-time position.

The self-assured mom of three not only knows how to get in but also when to move on: before becoming 75 percent effective. “I would’ve learned enough at that point to build from it in my next position.” Her most recent job switch called for relocating her family. "My husband, John, and I have relocated three times now. We’ve had many difficult talks, but it’s strengthened our bond."

Despite the big move, her new jobs is giving her some serious flexibility: “Amazon’s culture supports me. I can attend school events and doctor appointments and cover the occasional sick day, all things that give my mommy bones satisfaction.” We get it, Alexis.

Alexis and her famliy

Balance Secret

“Ask for help, choose to say no, or be OK with good enough. Consciously make those trade-offs to set the right standard for you.”

Photo: Alexis DePree

Alexis and her child

Maternity-Leave Lesson

”View your return to work as a chance to reinvent your current role. I set new priorities where I could add more value.”

Photo: Alexis DePree

Alexis' children

True Sacrifices

“We wanted to have multiple children quickly, and that clarity allowed me to confidently decline a great job that required travel.

Photo: Aleixs DePree

Alexis DePree's resume

Alexis' career path is full of big chances that paid off.

Photo: Alexis DePree


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