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Gayle King Feels Guilty for Not Cooking for Her Kids, But Fellow Working Mom Sara Gilbert Had the Best Response

Sara reminded her of something very important.

Where would we all be without our fellow working moms cheering us on and telling us how awesome we are, especially during moments we can't help but feel discouraged or guilty? In an exchange between TV personality and journalist Gayle King and actress Sara Gilbert during Gayle's appearance on The Talk yesterday, we all got the perfect reminder to do more of it.

When co-host and rapper Eve said that she heard Gayle wasn't much of a cook, Gayle shared a funny anecdote confirming her lack of kitchen finesse. "I had moved into an apartment and had been there three months before I realized it wasn’t hooked up," the CBS This Morning co-host said. "How did I find out? I called downstairs to the front desk and said, 'There’s something wrong with my stove, can you come up?' And they came up, and they said 'Um, Gayle, your stove has not been hooked up. How long have you lived here?’ I said, ‘Three months!'”

On a more serious note, she expressed some guilt that she didn't do more cooking for her two children when they were younger, even though we all know there are plenty of moms out there that simply don't enjoy being in the kitchen—or just aren't that skilled at the stove. Gayle called it one of her "regrets," saying, "You know, I have a favorite daughter [Kirby] who’s 31, a son [William] who is 30 [with ex-husband William Bumpus], and I always say, if I could do it over, I would do cooking differently. They will have no memories of, 'You remember that dish mom used to make?'"

But instead of letting that mom guilt sink in, The Talk co-host, actress and fellow working mom Sara Gilbert chimed in, saying, "No, your kids will remember you as a powerful, successful woman." Sara has three kids: son Levi, 13, and daughter Sawyer, 10, with ex Allison Adler, and son Rhodes, 3, with wife Linda Perry.

That's when another co-host added, "A working mom!"

It says a lot that no matter how awesome a career you have (to name some of her accomplishments, Gayle is also the Editor-at-Large at The Oprah Magazine, had her own TV show and made regular appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show and Good Morning America) and how great your kids turned out, as moms, you can still feel like you didn't do enough for your kids. Thank goodness for fellow working moms out there reminding us of our triumphs and successes in the bigger scheme of things and why we made the sacrifices we did.


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