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Crayola Just Launched a 58-Piece Cosmetics Line—So Adults Can Have Fun with Crayons Too

This brings us back to the good old days.

Crayola Color Crayon Trio

The crayon brand wants a spot in your cosmetics bag.

Courtesy of Crayola

With their iconic yellow and green packaging and assortment of memorably named colors (Burnt Siena and Mauvelous, anyone?), Crayola crayons were a schoolbag staple for so many of us growing up. Now, with the announcement of a new collection of products based on their famous wax crayons, it looks like the brand might soon become a makeup bag staple as well.

This week Crayola launched a 58-piece cosmetics line on that includes palettes for the face, eyes and lips, highlighter sticks, multi-use crayons and mascaras. In total, there are 95 shades in the Crayola Beauty collection, ranging from neutral to brights, with fun names like Mango Tango and Blast of Bronze, taken from the names of actual Crayola crayons, Elle reports. There's even a set of four candy-colored synthetic makeup brushes to inspire you to unleash your creative side. All items are vegan and cruelty-free.

According to the item descriptions on, the crayons are highly-pigmented, ultra creamy and multipurpose (for eyes, cheeks and lips), the shadows provide intense color pay-off, and the mascaras define, volumize and are water-resistant. The line begins at $14.50 for a single Face or Lip/Cheek Crayon containing two grams of product, with their most expensive product being the brush set at $40.

Though the design is modernized with black and white packaging, the beauty products still look very similar to the Crayola packaging we were all familiar with growing up. The Crayola Color Crayon Trios, for example, come in a yellow and green box that could easily pass as a colored pencil box.

Crayola Face Crayons

Crayola Beauty's crayons can be used for the eyes, lips and cheeks.

Courtesy of Crayola

Though we haven't gotten a chance to test out the line yet, just the look of the packaging has us feeling happy and nostalgic. After all, how many of our current beauty products can we say instantly bring us back to the simpler days of calmly coloring in elementary school? Not many, probably.

But if you do plan to get anything from this collection, make sure you keep them separate from your kid's stash of art supplies. Because if these products truly do deliver intense pigmentation, you won't want your little one accidentally using them to create wall art around the house.

Crayola Assorted Tips

The beauty line also has highlighter sticks, brushes and mascaras.

Courtesy of Crayola


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