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Resume Tips For Reentering the Workforce

Spruce up your resume with these back-to-work tips.

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You’re planning to rejoin the workforce. You’ve dry-cleaned your interview suit, scored some spiffy new shoes, a brand new briefcase and a new attitude. But when you dusted off your resume, you spotted a gaping hole—right where your current job experience should be. Here are some tips on how to write your resume so you show off your Mom CEO skills—and get the job.

Create a combo (resume). Listing your work experience in chronological order will shine a big spotlight that you haven’t worked outside the home in years. Not surprisingly, that can count as a big X against you from hiring managers. But just because you haven’t earned an outside paycheck in a while doesn’t mean you haven’t worked at all. So structure your resume so that it leads off with a career “summary,” highlighting your key qualifications. Then below, add your working experience in chronological order. That way, your resume leads off with what you can offer, not when you were last employed.

Be honest. In the work experience area, list your most previous work experiences. The accepted standard is to list positions dating back to fifteen years ago—but no farther than that. And while you might be tempted to stick in “domestic engineer” or another euphemism for your time spent being a full-time stay at home mom, don’t add it to your resume. If you meet with a manager for an interview, you can briefly mention that you stayed at home to raise your family, and then focus on what you learned in previous positions.

Showcase your skills. As a SAHM, you might not realize how many skills you’ve accumulated which are desirable to employers. For example, maybe you headed the PTO of your kid’s school. In resume terms, that translates to “leading a team.” If you helped raise $15,000 for your child’s school, well, then you exhibited superior fundraising skills. And if you assisted your sweetie in his own company or helped boost his business’ presence on Facebook and Twitter, you’ve now gotten some fresh social media skills to talk about during your interview.

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