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Join Us for National Flex Day!

On the third Tuesday of October (National Work and Family Month) we celebrate the power of workplace flexibility! #NationalFlexDay

national flex day

When I work at home, I wear workout clothes so I can take mid-day run. #NationalFlexDay

Celebrate the power of work flexibility with Working Mother and 1 Million for Work Flexibility as we get ready to mark the fifth-annual celebration of workplace flex on October 17, 2017!

Join 1MFWF for a National Flex Day webinar to learn more about the state of work flexibility and how it impacts you;

Enter the National Flex Day contest by sharing what work flexibility means to you on the 1MFWF blog (the contest is open through Oct. 20);

Join the work flexibility movement by adding your name to 1MFWF and encourage friends, family, and colleagues to join as well;

Promote work flexibility on social media using the hashtag #NationalFlexDay;

Contact your company’s HR department and encourage them to support National Flex Day. Offer to be a mentor for flexible work options like working from home or flexible scheduling at your workplace.

And as always, Happy National Flex Day!


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