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How To Live A Balanced Life

How To Live A Balanced Life

How To Live A Balanced Life

How many times this week have you said to yourself, “I just don’t have the time” or “If my life wasn’t so busy, I would be able to work out, take a vacation, and do the things I really enjoy doing.”

Life today is like a circus act. People are running around trying to juggle their careers, families, entertainment, friends, spirituality, exercise, and health which leave them feeling overwhelmed, unfulfilled, and drained.

How did our lives get to this point? First, advancements in technology have greatly impacted the balance in our lives. We’re always on, or at least our cell phones are, making us accessible no matter where we are. In fact, the other day as I was standing outside a porta-potty at my son’s baseball tournament game, I heard a person’s cell phone ring inside the stall and then a male voice say, “Hey, let me call you back in a minute.” Within seconds, the porta-potty door opened and a medium-sized man in his 40’s walked out with his phone in hand, smiled at me and then walked away. It was a really weird experience. Before entering the stall, I wondered how many cell phones have fallen into a porta-potty hole.

On top of technology, mothers today, including myself, want to have a career outside of their family. With the financial demands placed on parents, along with the changes in the definition of what a family is, many mothers are forced to have to go back into the workforce. The change in how a family is defined has to do with women waiting until later in life to get married. Some find themselves alone seeking alternative methods to create a family environment; and many choose to even raise a child on their own. These lifestyle changes have forced women to become masters in time management in order to maintain balance in all aspects of their lives. As a mother, pursuing a career outside my family, I’ve had to truly work on maintaining balance in my life.

How do you know when your life isn’t in balance****? Through personal experience, I’ve found that I catch more colds. I also feel lethargic, exhausted, depressed, moody, and as if I have no control over my life. And on top of all of that, I yell at my kids more. My days feel as if I’m running around unable to even catch my breath.

So how do you determine if your life isn’t in balance? The following questions will assist you in the process.**** If you answered yes to any of the below questions, then your life most likely isn’t in balance. A balanced life is living a life of harmony where all the things in your life work together to complete the whole you. When your life is in balance, you will be more healthy, energetic, happy, motivated, and satisfied

  • Do you feel as if you have no time for yourself?
    • Are you working more then forty hours a week?
    • Do you feel as if you have no time to exercise?
    • Are you always late?
    • Do you procrastinate?
    • Have you been getting more colds lately?
    • Do you feel as if you don’t have any control of your day?
    • Do you feel like you are always on the go go go?
    • Do you eat lunch at your desk or in your car?
    • Are you often unable to sit down for a family meal?
    • Are you unable to do the things you love to do?
    • Do you feel overworked?

My husband’s late grandmother was one woman who lived a balanced life. “She lived till she was ninety-eight years old; and if you asked her why she was able to live that long she would tell you it’s because she never over ate, over worked, and over or under did anything. She lived a life in balance–she lived a life in moderation. She knew that if she over ate it would lead to health problems such as high cholesterol or even clogged arteries. She knew that if she over worked her stress level would get higher, and it would result in health problems. My husband’s grandmother is one soul who could have taught many the importance of living a balanced life.

A balanced life is hard to achieve in a world where success, power, and physical appearance are thought of as so important. Many of us are driven to succeed, and the only way we can is to overwork and underplay. In addition, our society is obsessed with physical appearance, specifically weight. This has created fad diets, eating disorders, and excessive exercising.

How can you live a more balanced life? The first step is to determine what areas of your life aren’t in balance? The second step is to define and commit to having a balanced life by setting personal goals.


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