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The 10 Best Facebook Groups For Working Moms

Because we all have those days when we really need a (virtual) hug.

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Working mom Facebook groups are perfect for when you need a laugh, and a little help.


Balancing careers with kids while trying to remain sane calls for online venting, and occasionally, advice gathering. Lucky for us, Facebook has some of the best free support networks for working moms out there. From tips on all things parenting to hilariously relatable stories that will leave you in tears, these 10 groups are there for the days when you could use a boost. So go ahead and lean on virtual friends who have been there, done that, and you just might find working motherhood getting easier.

1. Working Moms Support Group

This group welcomes any and all working moms to wax poetic about their careers, kids, work-life balance, husbands and more. Members can post questions (“How do I get over the working moms’ guilt about leaving my kids at home?” “Any tips for hair loss after pregnancy?”) or simply add a comment, story or funny post about being a mom. The group has about 700 members currently, and it encourages new members to introduce themselves when they’re added.

2. Kids’ Crafts and Activities

If you're into crafting and DIY but don't have a lot of free time, this group is for you. Moms post fun, easy and entertaining art project ideas that are perfect for kids of all ages. This group is especially handy for those (rare) free weekend days with no plans when your kids are nagging you for something to do. From adorable food activities to colorful crafts, this group will bring out the artist in you and your kids.

3. Working Moms Connection

This group is small at under 400 members, but its motto applies to all working moms: Women can do more together. The environment is open and supportive, and members range from young moms in their early 20s to moms of teens. Women post about things ranging from how to balance careers with young children to the best apps for weight loss. Joining this group means getting support in every aspect of your life as a working mom from women of diverse ages and job backgrounds.

4. Cat & Nat Chat

With more than 40,000 members, this group is a large support network for moms. The group aims to "make motherhood a sisterhood." Not surprisingly, women are encouraged to post about anything they need advice on. Members aren't confined to asking about things strictly related to motherhood, although most adhere to mom-themed questions. Some ask about getting together with exes, gift ideas and marital troubles. Anything goes in this group, and with all its members, you're likely to get help with whatever you need.

5. Moms Supporting Moms

This group is not strictly for working moms, but nevertheless is helpful in many ways. With more than 26,000 members, questions are posted daily and advice is given quickly. Topics include everything baby-related (sleeping patterns, potty-training, feeding), mental health, arts and crafts, recipes and more. The group is comprised of women of a diverse mix of ages, races, cultures and stages of motherhood.

6. Moms with Careers Making It All Work

Here, working women ask for help with daycare and school struggles, on-the-job sexism, and family drama from a supportive community of 5,000+ There are also plenty of funny photo and gif threads to add levity to the tough days. To get in, you must answer a few questions about your career, family and reason for wanting to join (nothing too personal), and then an admin will approve you. The group of mostly 30-something moms of young kids spans the country, is moderately culturally diverse and leans left.

7. Feeding the Littles

Everything food and eating-related is encompassed in this group of 70,000 members. Any question you can possibly imagine regarding breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, weaning, introducing new foods, allergies and more is addressed in this group of moms. Women mainly ask questions about kids under 5, and there's a mix of working and stay-at home moms.

8. Moms Who Can't Even

This group is everything you've ever wanted in a mom group and more. To join, you must confirm with three quick questions that you support (along with the other 500+ members) the LGBTQ community, human rights movements and women's rights. The group is liberal and heavily skewed left. Once you're in, you can enjoy the hilarious, relatable posts by other moms that are guaranteed to make a tough day better. Occasionally moms ask for advice with kids, but for the most part it's a group of funny, relatable mom-themed gifs, memes and posts.

9. Working moms who make it work

This one is definitely on the smaller size at just over 300 members, but it's nonetheless a fun group to join. Moms are encouraged to post questions, tips and funny stories about working motherhood. If you're looking for a tight-knit community of working moms who can give you both advice and make you LOL at the same time, this is the group for you.

10. Dairy Queens: Working Moms

This 9,000 member group is a spin-off of the larger, 50,000 member group Dairy Queens, which you must be a member of in order to be accepted into the group specifically for working moms. Simply answer two questions about your motherhood status and breastfeeding practices, and then agree to the group's rules in order to be admitted. Soon thereafter you'll be added to the smaller pool of breastfeeding working women, where you can share questions, stories and advice about pumping in the workplace, weaning and more. If you're struggling with how to best balance a career with a commitment to breastfeeding, this group is perfect for you.


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