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Amanda Wallace, MassMutual Financial Group

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Assistant Vice President, USIG Finance; Springfield, MA; mom of Weston, 4, Holly, 2, and Hannah and Leighton, both 9 months

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Amanda Wallace

Amanda Wallace

Amanda showed promise from the start of her career at MassMutual in 2006, when she received a unique opportunity to join the executive development program, an elite rotational opportunity. While in the program, she emerged as somebody with strong leadership potential, according to her peers and others across the organization. Amanda’s first rotation was in the U.S. insurance group focusing on distribution and marketing. She then spent a year in MassMutual's subsidiary Babson Capital Management learning about global distribution, followed by her final rotation on the corporate strategy team.

Today Amanda continues to demonstrate outstanding leadership in the U.S. insurance group’s finance department. She has responsibility for shaping the strategy to ensure delivery of long-term value to policyholders. She also supports the evaluation of strategic opportunities and competitive developments.

Amanda resides in Tolland, Conn., with her husband Kevin and their four small children ranging in age from 1 to 5 years old.


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