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Wal-Mart Stores

Based in Bentonville, AR, Wal-Mart Stores has earned a spot on the NAFE Top Companies For Executive Women list and Best Companies for Multicultural Women list.

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Wal-Mart Stores

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2017 Best Companies for Multicultural Women

A strong female workforce is so important to this big-box retailer that it maintains national and global councils to guide its strategy on developing women; operates women’s networks at HQ and for those in merchandising, construction and real estate; and designates a manager in each store to oversee efforts for women. The Champions in Development initiative appoints executive sponsors to female store and market managers.

PRESIDENT & CEO: Doug McMillon
WEBSITE: Wal-Mart Stores


By the Numbers

Years on our list 10
Number of U.S. employees 1,458,934
Percentage of employees who are multicultural women 24%
Percentage of senior managers and above who are multicultural women 10%
Percentage of top 20% of earners who are multicultural women 20%
Percentage of all hires at the manager level or above who are multicultural women 16%
Percentage of promotions that went to multicultural women 15%
Percentage of multicultural women who participate in mentoring 9%
Recruiters are expected to supply a multicultural slate of candidates for open positions No
Company requires a panel of multicultural interviewers for new candidates No


2017 NAFE Top Companies for Executive Women

Career transformations are common at this major retailer, where the President’s Global Council of Women Leaders (run by 14 in influential female officers) advocates for a diverse, inclusive work environment and focuses on developing and advancing high-potential women. It frequently partners with the company’s Women’s Resource Council, which invites more than 3,500 female members to partake in high-level training and education, community activities, and mentoring circles (open to all levels and led by senior managers, directors and senior directors). Women are 31% of all corporate officers, nab 44% of promotions to the manager level and above, and make up 49% of the top earners here.



By the Numbers

Years on the NAFE Top Companies for Executive Women list 10
Total number of U.S. employees 1,459,033
Percentage of total employees who are women 56%
Percentage of senior managers who are women 36%
Percentage of corporate executives who are women 31%
Percentage of employees earning promotions to the manager level and above who are women 44%
Percentage of top 10% of earners who are women 49%
Percentage of profit-and-loss executives who are women 35%
Percentage of leaders of billion-dollar divisions who are women 30%
Percentage of direct reports to the CEO who are women 22%
Percentage of board of directors members who are women 25%
Managers trained in how to hire, manage or advance women Yes
Senior-level succession plans for gender equity reviewed by CEO Yes




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