BBC Dad Meets BBC Mom | Working Mother

This Is What It Would Have Looked Like If the Kids Had Crashed a Mom's BBC Interview 

Move over BBC Dad, a mom’s in charge now.

Don’t get us wrong: We love the BBC Dad, as well as his amazingly quick-crawling wife and adorable children.

Haters may hate, but we’ve got nothing but admiration for the way the family has handled the super-relatable snafu and instant Internet fame.

Yet this parody video (below) from New Zealand's Jono and Ben comedy show is—dare we say it?—even better. Why? Because it reimagines the scenario with a working mom at the center, and it. Is. HYSTERICAL.

So what happens when the kids crash a mom’s BBC live TV interview? She handles it with aplomb, of course, feeding and playing with the kids while carrying on with the interview as if nothing happened. But that’s not everything… You have to watch it to see what all this working mom can tackle while on live TV.

While the parody is meant for laughs, it’s not too far from the truth. Remember the Icelandic lawmaker who breastfed her baby while giving a parliamentary speech? How about the mom who breastfed her baby throughout a CBC News broadcast? (Much like BBC Dad, the baby crashed the interview at the very end by sticking her adorable hand in the frame.) Or, how about the team physician who attended players during a high school football game—while 25 weeks pregnant AND babywearing her 3-year-old?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Working moms. We get stuff done.



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