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25 Things No Working Mom Should Ever Feel Guilty for

So you should stop apologizing.

Guilt seems to follow working moms wherever we go. At work, we fear we're not pulling our weight because of our family. At home, we worry whether we're giving our spouse and children enough of ourselves. No more! Our roles are hard, and the only way to succeed at both is to spend less time feeling badly about what we can and can't accomplish. Vow with us not to feel an ounce of shame about any of the following.

1. Asking to move the school event to a time working parents can make it

no apologies

The other working parents will thank you.

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2. Saying no to the post-work happy hour

ehhh nah

Being home for bedtime is pretty special.

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should feel guilty but not

Gotta grab me time when you can find it.

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4. Using your day off to do nothing but pamper yourself

nothing but pampering

Self-love, y'all.

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5. Asking your family to help more

watch your grandkids

It's supposed to take a village.

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6. Moving away from your family for an amazing job opportunity (especially if they don't help you much with the kids)

driving away

Au revoir!

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mom and daughter

Pretty sure this only kid is happy about not sharing toys or attention.

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8. Taking a sick day because you feel awful


No one likes hearing sniffling or hacking anyway.

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9. Taking a sick day because your child feels awful

sick kid

Being a doctor comes with the mom-job.

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10. Ordering in … more than once a week

fast food

Just supporting the local businesses.

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11. Having a cluttered home

lower your expectations

After a long week of working and parenting, cleanup time can wait.

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12. Hiring a housekeeper

hiring housekeeper mr clean

Someone's gotta do it (and someone isn't me).

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13. Skipping sending out baby announcements or holiday cards

nobody cares

If you want to see what we look like these days, shoot me an email.

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14. Giving the kids their tablets so you can enjoy dinner at home or out

perfectly imperfect

No shame in having some peace and quiet.

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15. Not checking in on your day off


Off-duty means off-duty.

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16. Not checking in during your entire maternity leave

not gonna happen

It's called leave, and I've left.

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17. Using all your vacation time

work hard for this

If they don't want you to take it, they shouldn't give it to you.

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18. Leaving at 5:00

look at the time

I have a child I'm legally supposed to supervise.

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19. Not thinking about work on the weekends


A mental recharge is good for the soul.

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20. Not (constantly) thinking about your family at work

love me more

They'll dominate your mind when you get home.

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21. Not going out of your way for someone who doesn’t go out of her way for you

tried to care

Has she not heard of "treat others the way you want to be treated"?

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22. Working from home when there is literally 0 reason to be in the office (if your company allows, of course)

work from home

No matter where you work from, you're still working.

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23. Embracing a career slowdown to get more time with your kids

career slowdown

If a professional step back keeps you sane, don't hesitate.

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24. Putting in longer hours at work to get that promotion and raise

not bossy but the boss

Your family will adjust as you work your way up.

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25. Eliminating one of your kids’ extracurriculars when they (or you) are overwhelmed by their commitments

balancing soccer and saxophone

Life is all about finding the right balance.

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