2017 Multicultural Women's National Conference | Working Mother

2017 Multicultural Women's National Conference

Date July 10 - 11, 2017
Time Day 1: 7:30am - 7:00pm / Day 2: 7:30am - 5:30pm
Location New York Marriott Marquis, 1535 Broadway, New York, NY


2017 Theme: Race To Trust

The 2017 Multicultural Women’s National Conference returns with another year of inspiring ideas, engaging thought leadership, and powerful insight and wisdom focused on Race to Trust as a guiding theme. This action-oriented conference will motivate attendees to race forward in the pursuit of higher cross-cultural understanding. Many women share concerns that trust in the workplace is on the decline due to the current cultural and social trends. Trust is essential for personal and professional relationships.

The success of the women’s marches and calls for unity of women of all backgrounds, also demonstrates the imperative, now more than ever, to have the uncomfortable conversations about race, culture and gender in order to rebuild trust and strengthen partnerships.

This is the Race to Trust goal.

Challenge your thinking with inspiring keynotes, engage in open and honest dialogues during the Same Race and Cross Race conversations, and be welcomed into the worlds of others through Leadership Storytalks. These two days of learning will converge around tools and strategies to effectively rebuild trust among women, and how companies can support and increase employee engagement.

Join fellow high achieving and high potential multicultural women at this powerful and unique conference, where we provide the outlet for women to be confident, courageous and take the next steps in paving the way for a stronger, more inclusive, and more trusting environment.

Supporting Organizations

Black Women of Influence (BWOI) is an organization that supports ALL levels of multicultural professional women.

BWOI membership consists of cross-industry, multi-generational, junior to executive level women of color. We come from diverse industries: financial services, healthcare, legal, media, retail and more.

BWOI women share a common and deep commitment to "Helping Each Other Win". We share knowledge, experience and connections to help each other thrive in life and business. Our intent is to inspire your holistic success. Our programs therefore are designed in that regard around the following core areas: Career, Relationships, Finances and Wellness. We offer an array of panel discussions and workshops throughout the year that are presented by and for those striving for life and career success.

The Asian Women Leadership Network (AWLN) is a national network of Asian women leaders and professionals focused on leadership development and career advancement for Asian women.

AWLN was founded by participants attending the Working Mother Media Best Companies for Women of Color Annual Conference. Since its 2004 launch, AWLN has grown to nearly 500 members located in more than 10 cities. AWLN members work in Fortune 500 companies, as well as smaller companies, in a broad range of industries and functions. AWLN received approval as a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization in 2006.

The National Association for Female Executives (NAFE) was founded in 1972 and is one of the largest women’s professional associations in the United States. The organization has a rich history of providing education, networking, and public advocacy to empower its members to achieve career success and financial security. Members are women executives, professionals, business owners and others who are committed to NAFE's mission: the advancement of women in business. Through the annual NAFE Top Companies for Executive Women list and NAFE Women of Excellence Awards programs, we recognize the outstanding work done on behalf of the advancement of women. NAFE also offers the Women of Excellence Interview Series, NAFE Leadership Summits, and International NAFE.


  • Senior Executives
  • Mid-to senior level managers
  • High-potential, high-achieving employees
  • Diversity and Inclusion and HR professionals
  • Executive sponsors and ERG leaders

2017 PPT & Handouts

To view conference slides and handouts, please click HERE

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Hotel & Travel

New York Marriott Marquis

1535 Broadway New York, NY 10036 Tel: 877-303-0104

Registration Fees

Individual tickets $1,660
Government / nonprofit $1,350
Group (per person, 5-9) $1,550
Group (per person, 10-14) $1,430
Group (per person, 15-19) $1,275
Group (per person, 20-25) $1,225
Group (per person, 26+) $1,195
Awards Luncheon Ticket $500


Monday, July 10, 2017

7:45am – 7:00pm Registration

7:45am – 9:00am Continental Breakfast

9:00am – 9:15am Signature Opening: Hidden Figures Through Trust and Time
Join us for a kick-off multicultural celebration that will take us through a powerful history of Hidden Figures - past and present. This impactful, dramatic, and artistic performance will inspire you to break your own barriers, and learn from women of all backgrounds who have made a profound impact on society.

9:15am – 9:30am Welcome Remarks: Conference Co-Chairs
Subha V. Barry / Senior Vice President, Managing Director / Working Mother Media
Mita Mallick / Director, Diversity Outreach & Inclusion / Unilever

Video Clips:
Welcome Remarks: Conference Co-Chair w/ Mita Mallick
Welcome Remarks: Conference Co-Chair w/ Subha V. Barry

9:30am – 10:15am Opening Keynote Conversation: High-Performing Trust Across Gender and Color Lines
Trust is built in relationships by making and keeping promises over time, and differences in race and gender often impact how trust operates. For women at work, trusting relationships are also influenced by the power differential in reporting relationships, particularly with white male managers. Find inspiration in a lively conversation between friends Kathy Phillips and Chuck Shelton, as they explore what the research says about interracial trust among women and men, and how professionals and their organizations are developing high-performing relationships of trust across dimensions of diversity.

Katherine Phillips, Ph.D. / Paul Calello Professor of Leadership and Ethics / Columbia Business School
Chuck Shelton / Founder & CEO / Greatheart Consulting & Author, Leadership 101 for White Men

Video Clip
High-Performing Trust Across Gender and Color Lines

10:15am - 10:30am Framing Same Race Conversations

Amita Mehta / Vice President, Individual Life Insurance / Prudential

10:30am – 11:00am Networking Break

11:00am – 12:30pm Same Race Conversations: What Does it Take to Trust?
The highly interactive Same Race Conversations are a way to break out into small groups for enlightened discussions and hands-on work. The first intention is for you to focus on you. During these conversations, you will gain insights about yourself with respect to trust in the workplace, and engage with women that identify with your ethnicity/race. In order to build trust, we must first ask ourselves the questions of, “do I trust myself,” and “am I someone who others can trust?” Engage in open and honest dialogue around these topics, while assessing trust using the Steven M.R. Covey’s “13 Behaviors of Trust” model.

  • African American / Black
  • Asian / South Asian
  • Latina
  • LGBT
  • Men
  • Multiracial
  • Native American
  • White

12:30pm - 1:45pm Legacy Award Luncheon
The Working Mother Annual Legacy Award honors one extraordinary individual for her inspiration, dedication and significant contribution to the support and advancement of women.

We are thrilled to announce that Yifat Susskind is our 2017 Legacy Award recipient at this year’s Multicultural Women’s National Conference!

Yifat Susskind is dedicated to women and families around the world. She partners with women’s human rights activists from Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa to create life-saving programs in those communities to meet urgent needs that have a lasting impact on the women and families it serves.. We look forward to honoring Ms. Susskind during the Legacy Award Luncheon at this year’s conference.

Introduction by:
Sumaiya Balbale / Vice President Digital Mobile, eCommerce Marketing / Wal-Mart Stores

2017 Legacy Awardee & Keynote:
Yifat Susskind / Executive Director / MADRE

Video Clip
Legacy Award Luncheon Keynote

1:45pm - 2:15pm Dessert Break

2:15pm - 2:45pm Framing Cross Race Conversations

Vanessa Weaver, Ph.D. / CEO / Alignment Strategies

Video Clip
Framing Cross Race Conversations

2:45pm – 5:30pm Cross Race Conversations & Intersectional Panel Discussion: Welcome to My World
This panel discussion is all about exploring ways to leverage trust to have meaningful conversations about race and across race, in order to Race to Trust. It also explores how all of our identities intersect to impact trust. This discussion will inspire and encourage attendees to explore how their ability to trust impacts their workplace relationships and career..

Dee Marshall / Certified Coach, Trainer, Consultant / DeeCMarshall.com

Nellie Borrero / Managing Director, Global Inclusion & Diversity / Accenture
Karen Cahn / CEO / iFundWomen
Hallema Sharif / Executive Director of Communications / Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar
Joanne Tabellija-Murphy / National Director, Public Affairs-Constituent Relations / Wal-Mart Stores
Adrienne Trimble / General Manager, Diversity & Inclusion / Toyota
Andy Marra / Communications Manager / Arcus Foundation
Ethan Pan / Associate, Corporate Client Banking / JPMorgan

5:30pm – 7:00pm Cocktail Reception

Tuesday, July 11th

7:30am – 12:30pm Registration

7:30am – 8:30am Continental Breakfast

8:30am – 8:40am MCW Morning Snapshot: Signals from the Edge
Improving our ability to tune into emerging trends, mapping data and interpreting patterns and opportunities will equip us to better navigate our careers as multicultural women--and guide our organizations towards truly practicing diversity and inclusion beyond the hiring statistics. Get in the room early for this fast-paced, real-time analysis of a few current trends and conversations in social media, research and policy about women's leadership, gender intelligence and norms. This curated, quick glimpse of the trends impacting cultural understanding will help set the stage for today’s conversations on leadership and skill-building providing “diversity at the speed of culture.”

Kendra Clarke / Director of Data Science / Sparks & Honey
Jennifer Brown / Founder and CEO / Jennifer Brown Consulting, Author, Inclusion: Diversity, the New Workplace & the Will to Change

8:40am - 9:00am Welcome Remarks: Conference Co-Chairs

Subha V. Barry / Senior Vice President, Managing Director / Working Mother Media
Jamie Chung / Senior Vice President and General Counsel / Wal-Mart Stores

9:00am – 10:15am Trailblazer Panel: Cross-Cultural Alliances - Power Surges for Your Career
Senior executive women from a variety of industries and diverse backgrounds, join together to discuss their perspectives and lessons on trust and building strong cross-cultural alliances in the workplace. This unique group of leaders will share insights and nuggets of wisdom on how they were able to come to a higher understanding of cultural differences, build a trusted network among colleagues, what challenges they faced along the way, and how they were able to leverage their relationships and networks to advance in their careers. This is an opportunity to hear real stories and key takeaways of individuals who have successfully blazed the trail.

Daisy Auger-Dominguez / Senior Vice President, Talent Acquisition / Viacom

Natasha Granholm / Tax Partner / PwC
Amber Guild / Advertising Executive/ Former SVP & Managing Director / The Martin Agency New York
Rita Mitjans / Chief Diversity & Corporate Responsibility Officer / ADP
Shamina Singh / President / MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth

10:15am – 10:30am Networking Break

10:30am – 12:00pm Round I: Concurrent Sessions

A. Leadership StoryTalks: Moving from Bust to Trust
Leaders in this first round explore the pathways to establishing and regaining trust - trust for others, and trust within themselves - while sharing their journeys of building strong business relationships through honesty, integrity, and action. Learn strategies from trailblazers who have gone from no trust or broken trust, and how they were able to build that trust in order to become a valued ally among their colleagues.

Dr. Sheila Robinson, Ed.D. / CEO / Diversity Woman

Jennifer “Jae” Pi’ilani Requiro / National Manager of Diversity and Inclusion / Toyota Financial Services
Amita Mehta, Vice President, Individual Life Insurance, Prudential
Lisa Osborne Ross / Managing Director / APCO Worldwid

B. Leadership Conversation: Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable - How to Talk about Bias in the Workplace
Talking about race and gender bias in the workplace is becoming more and more critical to the success of workplace inclusion. Bias impacts our day to day work and lives, from affecting the way we work, to the lack of promotions or pay equity among multicultural women. Recognizing and identifying bias is the first step to beginning that difficult journey, but how do we tackle the issue on a company-wide scale? How do we become comfortable with addressing the issues and come to inclusive agreements? What’s the role of the leader to help navigate these difficult conversations? This discussion seeks to address common issues of bias in the workplace, and engage the audience in interactive dialogue to broaden understanding, and learn strategies to build a more inclusive work environment.

R. Fenimore Fisher / Deputy Commissioner, Citywide Chief Diversity & EEO Officer / NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services

Jenny Ahn / Senior Manager, Human Capital Organization Transformation & Talent Practice / Deloitte
Beth Conway / Senior Vice President, People / CA Technologies
Gloria Goins / Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer / Bon Secours Health System

C. D& I Executive Roundtable: Approaching D&I from an Intersectional Perspective
Diversity adds value to any organization through idea exchange, experiences, and creativity of its people. But how can diversity programs unite the company and create an environment where employees understand and empathize with the experiences of their fellow colleagues? Diversity includes acknowledging the overlaps of identity - not just race and gender, but acknowledging other factors as well, such as religion and sexual orientation. Hear from D&I leaders and business executives on challenges and techniques to have the hard conversations about Intersectionality in the workplace, and how to strategize to bring an intersectional perspective to an existing D&I approach.

Sandy Harris / Vice President, Global Diversity & Inclusion / Sodexo

Sumreen Ahmad / Associate Director, Global Change Management Lead / Accenture
Stephanie Sandberg / Managing Director / Out Leadership

D. One-on-One Executive Coaching
Attendees will have the chance to participate in a one-on-one meeting with an esteemed executive coach. Professional executive coaches conduct brief meetings/consultations with attendees and share advice and tips on how to solve issues in their workplaces and in their lives. Executive coaching offers a wonderful opportunity to address challenges, embrace personal action steps, and accelerate growth and the attainment of career goals.

Executive Coaches, Morning & Afternoon:
1. Chrisa Z. Boyce / Executive Coach / Handel Group
2. Brenda Bryant / President & CEO / Bryant & Company
3. Elsie Chang / Executive and Leadership Coach / Northrop Grumman
4. Lois Cooper / Practice Leader, Human Capital Solutions / LMH Strategies, Inc.
5. Will Craig / Senior Vice President / Handel Group
6. Deborah Goldstein / Founder / DRIVEN Professionals
7. Teressa Moore Griffin / Founder & CEO / Spirit of Purpose, LLC
8. Marsha Haygood / President / StepWise Associates, LLC
9. Kelli Kolling / Executive Coach / Wholeheart Leadership
10. Jamie Lee / Consultant and Coach / She Negotiates
11. Kristina Leonardi / Executive Coach, Consultant & Speaker
12. Stacee Mandeville / Founder / Red Leaf Coaching
13. Elizabeth Perea, PhD / President & CEO / Brickhouse Solutions, Inc.
14. Cara Power / Certified Executive Leadership Coach | Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner
15. Patricia Quiddington / Professional Certified Coach / Blue Arbor International LLC
16. Cynthia Santiago-Borbón / Founder & CEO / R.E.A.L. Inc.
17. Betsy Silva / Director, Office of Inclusion, Diversity and Engagement / Boehringer Ingelheim
18. Ash Varma / CFO & COO / Jennifer Brown Consulting
Executive Coach, Morning Only:
19. Sharon Melnick, Ph.D. / CEO / Horizon Point Inc.

12:00pm – 1:30pm MCW Best Companies Awards Luncheon
We honor the top companies for Multicultural Women - recognizing their commitment to and efforts around fostering diverse and inclusive corporate cultures that support the advancement of multicultural women.

  • Sponsor Remarks
    Michelle Gadsden-Williams / North America Inclusion & Diversity Managing Director / Accenture

  • State of Multicultural Women: Working Mother Media shares highlights from the Best Companies 2016 Executive Summary.*

Subha V. Barry / Senior Vice President, Managing Director / Working Mother Media

  • Awards Program
    Best Companies for Multicultural Women Awards

Subha V. Barry / Senior Vice President, Managing Director / Working Mother Media

  • Keynote

Nathalie Rayes / Vice President of Public Affairs /Grupo Salinas & Executive Director / Fundación Azteca America

Video Clip
MCW Best Companies Awards Luncheon Keynote

1:30pm – 3:00pm Round II: Concurrent Sessions

A. Leadership StoryTalks: Authenticity & Achievement
This second round highlights how leaders navigate through fear, and with vulnerability, courage, and self-confidence, form trusting bonds. Hear courageous stories from leaders who, in the face of adversity, stayed true to themselves and their values, and achieved success.

Jaya Kolhatkar / Senior VP, Global Data, Walmart eCommerce / WalmartLabs

Pasha Cook / International Speaker, Branding Consultant, Empowerment Practitioner
Carmen L. Middleton / Founder & President of Common Table Consulting and former Deputy/COO / Central Intelligence Agency
Anddria Varnado / Vice President, Strategy & Business Development / Williams-Sonoma, Inc.

B. From Pigeon-Holed to Promoted: Practical Strategies to Get Next-Level Roles
This workshop is for women who seek “more” - more recognition, more impact, more fulfillment - or a promotion. Dr. Melnick will share the formula that helps you “break out of your box” to create the perception you are ready for interesting, strategic projects and someone to promote “now”. In this interactive session, you'll hear stories of women who accelerated their path to a next level role, and leave with an Action Plan for your next career steps. Skills include how to get senior leaders who are not currently advocates to tap you for next-level opportunities, how to get a “Yes” for your next level requests, and how to communicate with confidence. These approaches give talented women a greater sense of control over their path to advancement.

Sharon Melnick, Ph.D. / CEO / Horizon Point Inc.

C. D& I Executive Roundtable: Leveraging Employee Resource Groups Effectively and Collaboratively
Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are a valued addition to organizations seeking to strengthen their D&I initiatives. Increasingly, the roles of the ERGs are transitioning from that of a social network to more of a think-tank style group. Join D&I leaders and share challenges and best practices on how to redefine the goals of the ERGs and take it to the next level to influence leadership and advancement within an organization.

Patricia David / Head of Diversity / JPMorgan Chase

Nithya Das / SVP General Counsel & D&I Steering Committee Co-Chair / AppNexus
Kathleen Navarro / Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer / New York Life Insurance Company
Celeste Warren / Vice President of Human Resources and Global Diversity and Inclusion Center of Excellence / Merck

D. One-on-One Executive Coaching
Professional executive coaches conduct brief meetings/consultations with attendees and share advice and tips on how to solve issues in their workplaces and in their lives. If you haven’t signed up and are interested, be sure check in at registration for cancellations/available sessions.

3:00pm - 3:15pm Break

3:15pm – 4:45pm Round III: Concurrent Sessions: Featuring Women’s Organizations

A. Leadership StoryTalks: Trust: The Key to Mentorship and Sponsorship: Led by the Black Women of Influence
The third installment emphasizes the idea that trust is the foundation of any relationship, and while we believe in “each one, teach one,” a level of trust must first be established. And it must be earned. Join senior leaders as they share stories and advice on how they sought out mentors and sponsors, and what they did to build trust early in the relationships.

Michelle Taylor-Jones / Diversity and Inclusion Leader / Dell Technologies; Author, Sonnets From My Soul

Marsha Haygood / President / StepWise Associates / BWOI Co-Chair & Co-Founder
Wanda Jackson / Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Chief Talent Officer / National Urban League
Valerie Rainford / Head of Advancing Black Leaders & Diversity Advancement Strategies / JPMorgan Chase / BWOI Co-Chair & Co-Founder

B. Speak Up and Speak Out: Strategically Advocating for Yourself and Seizing Opportunities: Lead by the Asian Women Leadership Network
You’ve been offered an excellent opportunity, but now the stipulations conflict with your needs. Do you go along and adjust to whatever is given to you, or do you negotiate that your needs and requirements be met despite the consequences? Often times, to avoid rocking the boat, women take whatever is given to them and don’t ask or demand what’s truly deserved. In this session you will hear personal stories from leaders and learn how to leverage your skills to advocate for yourself. Take away tangible negotiation skills and strategies that can be applied and practiced.

Jamie Lee / Consultant and & Coach / She Negotiates

Lucy Chan / Sales and Cohort Advisor / IBM
Betty Ng / Founder and CEO / Inspiring Diversity; Former Senior VP Inspiring Diversity / Moody’s Corporate Development Group
Lucy Sorrentini / Founder & CEO / Impact Consulting LLC

C. D&I Executive Roundtable: Strengthening the Multicultural Women's Talent Pipeline - A NAFE Women’s Leadership Session
This NAFE women’s leadership session will focus on what companies need to do to build the number of women heading for major P&L roles and the C-suite. Starting from the premise that companies already have laid the pipeline, learn what they're doing now. Then share your ideas with our Thought Leaders on what steps are needed to prepare multicultural women executives for these roles and - equally important - to generate the engagement of companies' executive councils in this effort.

Betty Spence, Ph.D. / President / NAFE

Erica Dhawan / CEO, Founder / Cotential
Cindy Pace, Ed.D. / AVP, Global Diversity & Inclusion / MetLife

D. Championing Peer-to-Peer Coaching: Lead by the Madrinas
Join senior leaders as they guide attendees in this peer-to-peer coaching sessions aimed at increasing communication, and inspiring creativity, accountability, and change. Learn tools and strategies from women who share similar issues and have been there, done that. Discussions will center around a variety of topics including:
* Managing your career in times of change and transitions
* Championing new ideas and innovation * Positioning yourself for the next promotion * Becoming a better negotiator

Josy Laza Gallagher / Global Diversity Consultant and Coach; President Emeritus and Executive Board Member / Madrinas

Marlen Amaro / Adoption and Change Management Consultant / Microsoft
Maria Hernandez / President / Madrinas
Mona Lau, Ph.D. / Organizational Psychologist
Donna Pedro / Senior Partner, Chief Diversity Officer / Ogilvy

4:45pm – 5:30pm Closing Session: Reflections and What’s Next
Our co-chairs will lead the audience in a discussion of conference highlights, lessons and takeaways, and open the floor to attendees to share what they’ve learned. Together, we’ll devise some clear action goals that will elevate careers, change perspectives on cultures in the workplace and unite us in understanding.

Subha V. Barry / Senior Vice President, Managing Director / Working Mother Media
Jamie Chung / Senior Vice President and General Counsel / Wal-Mart Stores
*Agenda is subject to change


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