The 2016 Working Mothers of the Year | Working Mother

The 2016 Working Mothers of the Year

Each of this year's Working Mother 100 Best Companies is invited to honor a mom employee whose work ethic, leadership, resilience and passion shine. Get ready to be inspired by working moms who leap over hurdles, lift up others, elevate their family's lives—and make the world a better place.

What's it really like to be a mom employee at one of the 2016 Working Mother 100 Best Companies? Well, for starters, you're likely to get a reasonable amount of paid leave when your babies are born or when you adopt your kids (like Freddie Mac's Michelle Bundy did as a single mom). If your family members need special care, you'll be able to work out a flexible schedule like Maria Braun did at Moss Adams LLP when her son Michael needed eye surgery as a baby.

Your role as a mom is typically an acknowledged part of your work self—no hiding family photos for fear that your boss won't think you're committed. The benefits and support that mom employees get from great companies leads directly to those workers passing on the love. Some, like Brenda McWilliams, who helps lead TI's Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work event, focus on helping other parents at the company. Others share their great talents through volunteer work done outside of the office: Booz Allen Hamilton's Christina Babcock, for example, works on the Junior League of Washington's annual tag sale, which raised more than $150,000 for the community last year.

All working moms have our own challenges, strengths and stories—here are a few inspiring ones that show how the support of a Best Company can help us all become the best parents, employees and community members we can be.