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20 Totally Satisfying Experiences That Only Working Moms Will Understand

The rare moments of serendipity that we all live for.

Have you ever had one of those days where your kids get ready for school without complaint, your commute is easy and your inbox is relatively empty when you get to work?

Yeah, neither have we.

That's why those satisfying moments, when life as a working mom just clicks, are so damn sweet. Sure, everyone loves to leave work at 5 p.m., but not everyone faces a hefty fee from their daycare if they don't. And plenty of people love Target, but they probably haven't rushed there on their lunch break for breastmilk storage bags. As working moms, we just don't need sudden and easy solutions. We're desperate for them.

So when a bit of serendipity strikes, allowing us to be great moms and employees, with minimal effort? It's time to play the lottery, my friend. You totally understand what I'm talking about. Like this ...

1. Being the first to sign up to bring napkins to the school party.

winning mom

Almost had to go to the second option: plastic cups.

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2. When you hit it off with your kid's friend's mom and she asks to meet for coffee ... on a weekend because she's got a full-time job too. 

monkey gif

"Did we just become best friends?"

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3. When you get home late from work, but your kid already did his homework.

sloth gif

And it's (mostly) correct!

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4. When you work from home on a day your commute would've been killer.

minions gif

Dodged a bullet with that one.

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5. When your kid proudly tells someone what you do for a living (somewhat correctly).

beyonce gif

That's right! Tell 'em!

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6. When you have a work holiday, but daycare is open.

thanks gif

Best Labor Day ever!

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7. When your big, important meeting gets moved so it doesn't conflict with your kid's big, important school event.

baby dancing gif

Sometimes the scheduling gods are good to me.

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8. When the mandatory team-building activity takes place during work hours.

high five office gif

Mid-afternoon laser tag, anyone?

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9. When your office opens a plush, new room for nursing moms.

wow gif

I know where I'll be napping, er, pumping.

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10. When your company adds a paid week off for new parents the year you welcome a child.

lorelei gif

Talk about perfect timing!

Photo: Giphy

11. When you find out about an affordable kids' camp during your child's school breaks.

thanks gif

Salute your shorts, kiddos.

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12. When a Target opens near your office.

excited gif

Just take my money. All of it.

Photo: Giphy

13. When you finish pumping for good.

tina fey gif

Yeah, I'm kind of a big deal.

Photo: Giphy

14. When you find a great doctor who takes your insurance—and she has weekend hours.

doctor gif

Paging Dr. Awesome.

Photo: Giphy

15. When daycare calls your partner first—and he'll leave work to pick up your sick kid.

made my day gif

You'll return the favor next time. (Maybe.)

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16. When your kid gets a fever Friday night, but is healthy for daycare by Monday morning.

phew gif

Crisis avoided.

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17. When you get a new manager who likes to leave by 4:30 each day.

kermit gif

Boss of the year.

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18. When you think you'll be the last to daycare pickup and there are at least two other kids there when you arrive.

top gun gif

Nailed it.

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19. When the apple/carrots/banana doesn't make the return trip home in the lunch box.

clapping snow white gif

A girl can dream.

Photo: Giphy

20. When your 4 p.m. meeting actually ends by 5 p.m.

carrie closet gif

We'll take the closet too.

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