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20 Signs You're Definitely a Working Mom

We've all been there, done that.

If you're on this site, workingmother.com, chances are, you're a working mom. But there's a whole bunch of other subtle clues that you've got a job and at least one kid. Check out the most telltale signs you're a card-carrying member of the working motherhood club, and see if you don't relate to all 20.

1. You've put a Trader Joe's pie in a dish and called it homemade.

rihanna pleased

"It's my secret recipe."


2. Those cute monthly milestone photos? Yeah, you missed month 5. And 7. And 9-12.


You'll do it it next month for sure. Hopefully. Maybe.


3. You're first in line to sign up for parent-teacher meetings.

yes parent teacher

Got that 6 p.m. slot, baby!


4. You especially loved BBC Dad because your kids have crashed a conference call or two (or 200).

BBC dad

At least is wasn't on live TV.


5. You're secretly proud that you show up to PTA meetings looking like a boss, because, um, you are one.

beyonce working woman

Dust your shoulder off, Mama.


6. You run late so often, you're not even sure what time you're supposed to be out the door anymore.

running late

It's the effort that counts, right?


7. Your diaper bag game is fierce, because lawd knows you'll be toting that sucker to a client meeting.

diaper bag

You're basically prepared for anything.


8. You schedule date nights for right after work, because if you've gone home and taken off your bra, it's not happening.

taking off bra

If the bra isn't going out, neither are you.


9. You have 12 different Pinterest boards devoted to Crock-Pot or Instant Pot recipes—and you've only cooked three of them.


Hey, at least you own an Instant Pot now.


10. You're pretty sure at this point you could apply eyeliner while completing American Ninja Warrior.


If you can find your eyeliner, that is.


11. Your list of people approved to pick up your kid from school/soccer/girl scouts is 20-pages deep, but who doesn’t love a bottle of wine?


Actual footage of me on Friday night.


12. Your happy place is solo supermarket shopping at 9 p.m.


Let's be honest, it's as close as you're getting to yoga. Namaste.


13. Your guilt deflection shield is Teflon-strong, especially when it comes to know-it-all neighbors, PTA presidents and your own mother.


Come at me, bro.


14. You will gladly show up to work without having washed your hair if it means 15 more minutes of sleep.


You really should just invest in a dry shampoo company at this point.


15. You wonder if you're the only one in the conference room with the PAW Patrol theme song stuck in her head.

song stuck in head

"Paw patrol, paw patrol, we'll be there on the double ..." (Sorry.)


16. Your mom and dad have blocked your number because they're tired of picking up your sick kid from school.


Isn't that what grandparents are for?


17. The decision to wear pants vs. skirt is solely determined by the number of days since you last shaved your legs. (Answer: pants.)


Ain't nobody got time to shave in the winter.


18. You know your neighborhood's morning and evening traffic patterns so well you could probably work in city planning.


If you leave at 7:48 a.m., you'll miss the 5-minute red light on Telford, which means you'll hit the freeway right before the 8:15 rush, which means...


19. When you reach into your purse for a business card, you pull out a mitten, a rock, a Hot Wheels car and three Cheerios.


You and your kids could live off of the contents of your bag for a week, easily.


20. You’ve faked a stomach ailment for time alone in the bathroom—at home and at work.


Anything for a little peace and quiet.



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