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15 Chronically Ill Moms' Heartbreaking Tweets on How Long It Took to Get Accurate Diagnoses

One mom said she finally found out after 26 years.

If you're currently struggling with your health—or have been for years—and you're frustrated because doctors aren't taking you seriously, you're not alone.

Since last month, people have been responding to a tweet from editor and writer Suzannah Weiss, asking women with chronic illness to share how much time had passed and how many doctors they saw on their journey to get a diagnosis for their debilitating symptoms, Scary Mommy reports. Weiss herself has a chronic illness, and in her tweet, revealed that after 11 months and meeting with 17 doctors, she finally got an accurate answer. In her post, she listed what each doctor told her—some dismissed her illness as nonexistent or the result of anxiety—to show others what women go through "just to begin to heal."

Here's how 15 moms responded to Weiss' question. What they confessed just might make you cry.

1. This mom waited 15 years and was told by countless doctors that her symptoms were due to being "lazy and fat."

2. This mom finally got an accurate diagnosis after 14 years—because her husband pushed her primary care physician for an MRI scan.

3. This mom had been experiencing symptoms of celiac disease since she was 19, and continued to be misdiagnosed until her daughter started showing symptoms of the disease. That's when she convinced doctors to test her as well.

4. After getting a diagnosis after two years, this mom said she's still told by doctors that "it's just in your head!"

5. This mom waited three years—and her doctor thought her symptoms were due to the fact that she had children.

6. This mom said her 14-year-old daughter was the one who helped figure out her diagnosis.

7. This mom finally got a diagnosis after over 25 YEARS.

8. Although this mom was diagnosed quickly, she said she still had to deal with health professionals who didn't believe what she was experiencing.

9. This mom said it took 10 years for doctors to diagnose her polycystic ovary syndrome.

10. This mom, who was recently diagnosed with B12 deficiency, said health professionals told her her symptoms were just a sign she was having her period.

11. This mom said she's been told all her life that her symptoms were because of her weight.

12. This mom said it took her seven years—and she had to resort to an extreme measure to get a referral to see the specialist she needed.

13. This mom also had to take an extreme measure to finally get a diagnosis after 10 years.

14. This mom said she had to diagnose herself and just had doctors confirm she was correct.

15. This mom is still awaiting a proper diagnosis.


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