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The 10 Most Hilarious Lunchbox Fails on the Internet

When parents accidentally serve laughs instead of an acceptable meal.

mom packing lunches

A mom revels in the joy of hurriedly packing multiple lunches while three pairs of eyes stare her down.

Mornings are the most chaotic time of day for most parents, as we struggle to corral our kids, hunt down their perpetually misplaced shoes and get some food in them, all while the school bell countdown threateningly looms over us. So it’s no wonder that we mess up sometimes, especially when it comes to packing lunches—thus producing hilarious results.

Here are 10 of the funniest lunchbox fails on the internet:

Vodka Napkins

While packing items promoting alcohol isn’t recommended, it could be worse.


Actual Vodka

Much worse.

Lunchbox Feedback

At least they led with “sorry.” Unlike …


Less Diplomatic Feedback

Nothing subtle about that.


Yummy Leftovers

When you realize you should check your teenager’s lunchbox more often.

Crusty Controversy

How dare you, Dad?!


Raw Snack

Not eggs-actly “hard-boiled.”


Kids’ Choice

The only thing that’s missing is a chocolate bar for “dairy.”

Birthday Lunch

Ah, there it is.


Oh, Burn

Now THAT’s a hot lunch.


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