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10 Companies With Incredible Office Health and Wellness Zones

These office perks make it easy for employees to stay healthy while on the job.

Most employers know that one of the keys to workplace productivity is having happy and healthy employees. But these 10 companies take it to an impressive extreme by housing health and wellness centers in their offices. These "wellness zones" range from quiet places for meditation and napping to fully functional gyms where employees can work up a sweat between meetings. These perks and more may just have you dusting off your résumé and reaching for an application.

1. Unilever

Unilever Wellbeing Zone

Employees can rest or meditate in the Wellbeing Zone's quiet room.

Photo: Unilever

This consumer goods company is showing that employee health is a top priority with its “Wellbeing Zone.” According to Mike Clementi, the vice president of human resources at Unilever, the zone’s purpose is “to provide our people with a space for mindfulness, meditation, rest and recovery.”

The Unilever wellbeing zone features four sections with each serving a different component of health. The “Connection Bridge” is a place where employees can get comfortable and have conversations. Another section stocks healthy snacks that workers can have for free. There is also a “Movement Zone” for activities like yoga, massages and stretching. And there's a completely silent area where employees can take a break and rest.

Unilever Wellbeing Zone

Employees can go here to recharge with healthy food.

Photo: Unilever

2. Nike

Sportswear companies like Nike may be expected to value employee health and fitness, but this Oregon-based brand certainly goes beyond expectations. Employees have access to all of the fitness centers on the 200-acre campus.

The “Bo Jackson Center” is the company’s original fitness center and features weight rooms, yoga studios and even a cross-training room. It also has an indoor basketball court and a turf field.

The “Sports Performance Center” is another employee health and fitness option and features additional workout areas, as well as an Olympic-sized swimming pool and rock climbing wall. Employees also have access to multiple running trails and tracks for calorie-burning running breaks.

3. Google

The tech giant is known for its expansive employee perks and the company's health and wellness options certainly do not disappoint. At the company's Silicon Valley campus, employees have the option of eating all three meals at dining areas that include features like juice bars. There are also gyms and free fitness classes, as well as intramural sports.

Google is also famous for its futuristic “nap pods” that allow employees to take a snooze in the middle of the work place inside of a pod designed to put them to sleep with soothing noises.

Managers often reward employees with “massage credits” which can be used for free massages on campus. Now that’s an excellent incentive to work hard!

4. Microsoft

Microsoft shows it cares for its employees with free facilities, workplace perks and services. Employees have access to features like paid gym memberships as well as facilities on campus like a spa, sports fields and multiple restaurants.

However, what distinguishes this tech company is it on-site “Microsoft Living Wellness Health Center." At this center, employees have access to free health screenings and flu shots, as well as services like eye care, diet counseling and wellness coaching.

5. General Mills

This food manufacturer encourages employee health and wellness with features like an on-campus fitness center. Employees can use the gym to work out, take classes or even sign up for company sports teams and events.

It also has an on-site health clinic where employees can get free physical exams and flu shots.

6. Zappos

The Las Vegas-based shoe retailer understands the benefits of having healthy employees. In addition to a campus fitness center where workers can work out, they also offer a weight management program where they can learn to live a healthy lifestyle.

And if anyone needs a quick break, they can take a trip to a designated nap room (featuring more high-tech sleeping pods) to recharge and get ready to work at full productivity.

7. Rodale Inc.

As the publisher of Women’s Health and Men’s Health, Rodale Inc. knows a thing or two about health and wellness. The publishing company’s headquarters don't disappoint—it features an on-site gym with free fitness classes. Workers can also enjoy a cafeteria that uses organic and locally sourced food. There is an outdoor trail on campus for those interested in going on runs during their breaks and even outdoor gardening for those interested in growing fresh vegetables. And if none of those options work, overworked employees can use the meditation room to quietly relieve stress.

8. Genentech

This San Francisco-based biotech company helps its employees stay healthy by dedicating an entire building to their health. The campus features a massive fitness center called “Club Genentech” where employees can work out on their breaks, take classes and have a healthy meals or snacks. It’s free to use and convenient for those trying to squeeze in a work out between meetings.

9. SAS

This software company makes sure its employees are keeping in shape by providing a recreation and fitness center at its headquarters, where employees can exercise or take fitness classes. The center also features an Olympic-sized pool and multiple employee sport leagues. There is also a free health clinic with an on-site pharmacy. And if that wasn’t enough, there are weekly farmer’s markets for fresh and healthy options.

10. Twitter

At Twitter’s Silicon Valley headquarters, employees are welcome to use on-campus facilities that are aimed towards improving their overall health and wellness. They can enjoy free and healthy food and work out at the campus fitness center where they can choose between free CrossFit classes, yoga classes and massages.


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