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Yes, You Can Have a Full-Time Job and Sell Rodan + Fields on the Side

A side job selling skincare worked from this mom, and it might just work for you, too.

Side Job Working for Rodan + Fields

Ashley Lupin with her husband and daughter

Courtesy of Ashley Lupin

Everyone’s talking about Rodan + Fields on Facebook, but does the time and effort of selling it pay off? One mom gives us the scoop.

Ashley Lupin
First-grade teacher and R+F executive consultant
Eastman, GA, mom of Emma, 3

I was living paycheck to paycheck, and wanted to earn a ­little extra for savings and vacations. When I saw a friend’s Facebook post about her results using skincare products by Rodan + Fields, it got me interested—I’ve always taken great care of my skin and thought I could help others—so I signed up. I’ve been in business since July 2015.

The Hours

I try to do 10 to 12 a week. I’m at school from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., so R+F work is for evenings, or first thing in the morning if I get up early enough. I use my time off, like ­holidays, to have meetings and trainings with my team.

The Money

An initial investment of $995 got me the most products to try for myself and use as testers. I started making a profit after my third full month. The average executive consultant like me earns an annual income of more than $3,000. I not only make a percentage off the products I sell, but I also get a cut off seven generations of my team.

The Hustle

It’s not all about sales; it’s also about growing a team—which is really fun and satisfying. I’ll reach out to new prospects by phone, in person or through social media, or attend a couple of events each month to introduce people to the products or business. I even offer mini facials to ­people who have never tried the products, and free skincare consultations—the extra effort turns people into clients.

The Learning Curve

At first, it was tough approaching people about ­products I was selling. But after using the products and seeing great results, it became more about sharing than selling.

Sales Secret

I have three Facebook pages. On my personal one, I post “Before and After” photos showing the results of different ­products—they really work! There’s also a private VIP page where I offer specials to customers who continually buy every 60 days, and I have an R+F promotional page where I post news and updates about the products and business.

How to Get Started

Find a consultant you click with, then sign up for a business kit from her site. Then find another R+F consultant, even if she’s not in your area, to be your sponsor. She should encourage you and push you to set monthly goals and create a plan to reach them. Once you get your products, start using them and sharing the results.

Hot Product

“People ask me about my eyelashes all the time. This product is clear, goes on at night right after you clean your face—and works like magic.”