Sticky Situations: Business Travel | Working Mother

Sticky Situations: Business Travel

Should you speak up about unexpected work trips?



I just started a new job after months of looking. My boss never told me that I’d have to travel every month. Should I say something or keep my mouth shut?

If you just spent months searching for a job and then landed one, I’m assuming you want to keep it. However, it’s unprofessional to pull the ol’ bait and switch—selling the job as one thing and then demanding another. Why not make it a practical issue?

Tell your boss that traveling is a time commitment you weren’t prepared to make, and also bring up any expenses you may incur as a result—such as child care. At the very least, you may get an apology, help with the expenses, a fill-in for the days you travel or—dare I say it?—a good soak in a hotel bath once a month.