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10 Work-from-Home Jobs Open Right Now that Pay Six Figures

These jobs prove that remote work can be a lucrative option.

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Save on commuting costs and still earn $100,000 or more.

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While work-from-home jobs continue to be a great resource for working mothers, some people believe that these jobs are only available for part-time workers or exclusively offer low wages. That couldn't be further from the truth. Remote jobs are available in a variety of positions and pay levels. Companies are even offering team managers and leaders the option to work from home because they understand that the best person for the job may not be able to or want to come into the office five days a week. Here are 10 real home-based positions from around the country that are paying employees six figures for their services:


1. Expert Interviewer, Karat

It’s no secret that companies are always on the lookout for top talent, but it turns out they are also looking for people to assess these potential employees. Karat, a marketplace for technical interviewers, is looking for current and former engineers to join their network. The job entails performing virtual interviews for different companies in the field. Expert interviewers also need experience interviewing new hires. According to the job listing, interviewers are able to make their own schedule and perform as few or as many interview a week as they want.

2. Sales Solutions, Independent Account Executive, ADAZA

If you’re a sales whiz in need of flexibility, then this opportunity with ADAZA, a subsidiary of software company SAP, may be perfect for you. Independent account executives can set their own hours and receive commission on all of their sales. The company says first-year employees can earn six figures with the potential for more thanks to the uncapped commission system.

3. Rare Disease, Market Researcher & CI, RomAnalytics

Take advantage of your specialty with this position that is looking for people who have experience in pharmaceutical marketing with a particular focus in rare diseases. Researchers will remotely lead a team that works on researching and marketing various drugs for clients. The ideal candidate is located in New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania.

4. Program Manager, Virtualization, Red Hat

Red Hat is a company that knows about staying ahead of the curve. After all, it does provide software to 90 percent of the Fortune 500. Project managers are expected to be familiar with the latest virtualization technologies and other relevant software. They are also responsible for leading a team while communicating with other managers in different departments. The ideal candidate is comfortable dealing with both the business and engineering sides of the company.

5. Pricing Specialist, Axway

"Digital technology is the foundation of entirely new ways of doing business," states Axway's career listing. The software company understands that the best way to stay ahead is to use new technology to its advantage and that includes allowing employees to work from home. They are looking for a specialist to work with the sales team in pricing new products and creating bundles for existing product groups. Candidates should have some experience in a similar role and a background in marketing, sales or finance.

6. Cisco Instructor, Paramount TS

There are plenty of opportunities available for remote workers to teach others their technical knowledge online. This listing is looking for a certified Cisco instructor to lead virtual classes on several computer programs for $500 to $650 a day.

7. Product Manager, Aurea

The software company Aurea is looking for a product manager to serve as a jack of all trades by working in different departments. The responsibilities include overseeing product development, pitching products to potential clients and even developing marketing strategies. The company provides enough freedom for employees to carry out their responsibilities as they see fit. In addition to working remotely, you can also create a working schedule that fits your needs.

8. Applied Security Researcher, FireEye

Cyber security has become a top priority for many companies, which is why security companies like FireEye are looking for talented employees to join their team remotely. Applied Security Researchers are expected to help discover threats and prevent clients from being targeted. The company is looking for enthusiastic candidates that want to “be at the forefront” of this growing field.

9. Business Development Manager, Travelport

Remote workers are able to have a real impact on companies around the world. Travelport, a U.K.-based travel technology company, is hiring an American Business Development Manager to help grow the company. The job is a perfect opportunity for somebody who is craving flexibility and has plenty of ideas for new business strategies.

10. Project Manager, Teaching.com

With executives and employees located across the United States, Teaching.com has fully embraced telecommuting. The online education website is now looking for another remote worker to join the team in the role of project manager. The job includes planning and leading initiatives while managing a team. The company encourages employees to use flexible work options with perks like flex hours and even providing stipends for home offices.