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Top Seven Swimming Safety Tips Every Mom Should Know


A pool cover can be a huge help if your child cannot swim right now.


Here are our top seven safety tips for moms to keep children safe as you enjoy swimming pool season with your children. Cover your pool. Use a safety pool cover that meets American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) safety standards—such as the ability to hold a minimum of 485 pounds per five square feet—when you are not using the pool. It should also be U.L. certified.

Actively supervise the children. It’s important to have a responsible adult supervise the children as they play in—and around—the pool. This adult should avoid all distractions such as a smart phone, tablet, book, or game.

Teach children how to swim. Take the children for formal swimming lessons that are appropriate for their age level. They will feel more comfortable in the water, and have even more fun in the pool! Although it will never replace adult supervision, it can provide extra peace of mind. For those children who have excess energy it is worth looking into joining a swim team. If you child never wants to go to bed then this is the solution. Swimming is extremely tiring and a hard practice can not only help their physical conditioning but it can also help you get them to bed by the end of the night.

Install several alarms. There are many ways you can use alarms to keep the pool and pool area secure when children are around. There are several types on the market. Put an alarm on the pool gate. It uses a magnetic field to sound an alarm when the field is breached. Or, a perimeter alarm will sound when a child or animal penetrates the laser field around the pool and surrounding area.

Clean the pool. Keeping the water clean and clear will not only help children swim better, but it minimizes the risk of them getting earaches and skin rashes. Test the pool regularly to ensure the chlorine and pH levels are optimal. The surrounding area should also be clutter-free to reduce the risk of children tripping over toys and floats. Put any pool accessories away when the pool isn’t being used so kids aren’t tempted to enter the pool to use them.

Establish—and enforce—pool rules. Moms know that kids thrive when rules are established and adhered to. Make a list of rules with your kids. Some great ones are do not run by the pool, don’t dive, don’t swim without an adult, and don’t open the pool gate when you are alone. Enforce these rules.

Fence in the pool. This is an effective measure of protection when the pool is not in use. A LOOP-LOC removable mesh pool fence is not only sturdy, but can be easily set up and removed. It should be four feet high, with four sides.

Being a mom is a tough job—24 hours a day, seven days a week. Obviously, keeping your kids out of harm’s way is of the utmost importance. Follow these recommendations so you—and your kids—can make the most of your time together in the pool!