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This Is What Kelly Clarkson Does to Make Being a Working Mom More Manageable

The singer opens up about what life is like juggling the demands of work and family.

Kelly Clarkson wants us to know being a working mom isn't all it's cracked up to be even when you're a celeb. In a Facebook Live video with the TODAY show's Hoda Kotb, the singer, whose new album Meaning of Life comes out next month, opens up about having to be away from her kids and what she does to make being a working mom more manageable, the Huffington Post reports.

The mom to daughter River Rose, 3, and son Remington, 1, and stepmom to Savannah, 16, and Seth, 10, with husband Brandon Blackstock, tells Hoda that because of work, she hasn't always been there for important moments in her kids' lives. "When you work, you miss things. My nanny is so great, they'll take pictures, and it's awesome because you see them, but then I'm like, "Aww, you get to do all the fun stuff, but I'm working. But I love my job," she says. One of these things includes still never having heard her son Remy ever say "Mama," despite being able to say "Dada" and even their dog's name. "Every time I'll look at him, I'll go 'Mama,' and he'll go 'Dada.' And I'm like, 'You know what child, I worked real hard, you better say it!' And then my nanny and his grandma will go, 'He said mama this morning,' and I'm like, 'No, he didn't!'"

To spend more time with the kids, Kelly says she brings them on the road with her. "I don’t want to be one of those pop star moms that doesn’t see their kids ... They're almost just like an accessory. I want to hang out with them and be there.”

Kelly and her husband make it a priority to read to their kids as well. “It’s challenging when you’re a working parent, just to make sure each [kid] gets their time. We kind of do that with reading."

The singer also relies on a support system. “It’s hard to be a really good mom and a really good person at your job. But I do have a village of people that I have to release control to and just say I'm not going to be there for everything, and it's going to be OK because I’m showing my daughter and my son and our kids that you can do both and achieve great things.”