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The Status of Men as Allies for Multicultural Women

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It's time for men to step up their mentoring and sponsorship of women of color at work.


This year marks the fifteenth time that Working Mother has surveyed and celebrated the Best Companies for Multicultural Women, but over that decade and a half, it has become clear that women of color are not making enough progress in U.S. workplaces.

What's the missing element to their advancement? The Working Mother Research Institute surveyed more than a thousand women of color to find out what kinds of support would help them get ahead, and some of the clearest needs are mentoring, sponsorship, and support from male leaders at their companies. We also surveyed men, and found that although they overwhelmingly want to help multicultural women succeed, half of them aren't mentoring or sponsoring anyone. Of those who are mentors, only 19% mentor women of color.

Read the whole report here: The Status of Men as Allies for Multicultural Women: The Working Mother Report. This research was generously sponsored by Amway, IBM, KPMG, Novartis and Wells Fargo.

Read the feature article about some very powerful partnerships between male executives and women of color at the 2017 Best Companies for Multicultural Women.


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