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Rachel Zoe's Top Styling Tip for Working Moms Is Surprisingly Practical

You won't believe how quickly she gets dressed in the morning.

Rachel Zoe Styling Tip

Rachel Zoe with husband Rodger Berman

Photo: Maricar Santos

Getting ready in the morning doesn't have to be stressful or time-consuming. In fact, it can take you just a few minutes to look great, according to Rachel Zoe.

You'd never guess it, but the stylist to the stars with impeccable fashion says she tends to leave dressing for the last minute. At an event with her husband Rodger Berman, co-CEO of Rachel Zoe, Inc., promoting the new LG QuadWash Dishwasher (which features four spray arms instead of the industry standard of two), she tells WorkingMother.com she only takes 10 minutes to choose an outfit, even if it's for a black-tie affair. "I promise you there’s not a lot of effort [put] into it. I’ll make an instinctual, last-minute decision because I can’t make decisions in advance. The earliest I’ve ever [picked an outfit] is probably the morning of, because I want to be super organized. If my day is really packed, going from work to an event with 20 minutes in between, then I have to know [ahead of time], but you know, the mood changes and the weather changes."

Now, if you lead a life as glamorous as Rachel's with a closet full of gorgeous clothes—she's also a designer for her own clothing line and editor-in-chief of The Zoe Report—getting dressed is probably pretty simple. But as a mom herself, to sons Skyler, 6 and Kaius, 3, she knows it's not so easy for the average mother. And her styling advice for working moms is surprisingly practical—and doesn't involve shelling out a ton of money on new clothes.

"I think a lot of women stand in their closet and wait for their clothes to fall on them," Rachel says. "A huge time saver is to pick 10 things that you know look good on you—your favorite black dress, your favorite three pairs of shoes, your favorite suit—and then you mix and match it and have those things pressed and ready to go to every Monday to Friday."

Have an extra five minutes for skincare and makeup? Rachel suggests focusing on these four things: moisturizer, concealer, mascara and lipstick. "A good lip color transforms your face, and concealer is a must," she says. As for hair: "Put your hair in a messy top knot or a pony or a chignon, just pull it back. If your hair is wet, pull it back. It looks really polished."

We also got a chance to talk with Rachel and Rodger about being working parents to their two sons. Since becoming a mom, Rachel says, "I’m less neurotic about things being treated so preciously at home. I think you have to be when you have young children. You can’t be as maniacal as you used to be. I said there would be no toys in the family room; only in the playroom ... But everywhere I turn there’s a reptile of some sort."

As for hilarious parenting fails, they tell us that during the summer they take their kids out to have fun and the kids end up going to bed at 10 p.m. five nights in a row—and feeling miserable in the morning. "Our kids are party animals," says Rodger, explaining that their kids are often the last ones to leave gatherings. "We tell Skyler it’s not cool to stay at parties. He doesn’t get it." Rachel adds, "They’d go to seven parties every day if they could. They’re in the bouncy house when it’s being inflated. Literally. "

On a more serious note for the couple, the toughest part about being working parents is the travel, though Rodger says that sometimes Rachel's family, who lives nearby in L.A., will stay with the kids when they're away. "It’s hard to make them understand why you can’t be there to pick them up everyday or be there every night to tuck them in. But I honestly try," Rachel says. "I try to put them to sleep six out of seven nights … It has to be something really important for me to miss putting my kids to sleep. I think that’s so important. That's our special time and I read and I do bath time and dinner and all that."


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