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Pregnant Woman Gets Kicked Out of Restaurant for Wearing a Belly-Baring Shirt

She was 8 months pregnant and carrying twins.

Due to the crop top trend that's made a comeback in recent years, it's not out of the norm to see different body types flaunting bare bellies in public. But apparently, wearing one while pregnant may totally get you kicked out of a restaurant.

Last weekend, while attempting to dine at Buzz Inn Steakhouse in Washington state with her family, a crop-top-wearing pregnant woman named Charisha Gobin was asked by her server to leave the restaurant, reports KIRO. The server, who happens to be a woman, told her, “I’m sorry, you can’t be here in that shirt,” to which Charisha responded, "Are you being serious with me right now?"

The server's reasoning: The restaurant has a "No shoes, No shirt, No service" policy, what the mom was wearing "didn't count as a shirt" and it would be a health code violation to let her stay, though the server didn't elaborate on how exactly it would be a health code violation.

Charisha was wearing a black crop top with "Weirdo" printed across the chest and a white maxi skirt, but since she's almost 8 months pregnant with twins, she says her belly is "bigger" and more prone to "sticking out," according to Grub Street. KIRO, who spoke to the server off camera, says she asked Charisha to cover up and would've asked anyone wearing a similar top to the do the same.

Charisha, however, argues she was wearing a shirt, since her top has sleeves and she didn't have any cleavage showing. The mom believes the steakhouse body shamed her because she was pregnant, saying, “had it been anyone else, I don’t think there would’ve been any problem whatsoever.”

The mom tells KIRO she was livid and went with her family to another restaurant across town instead. The mom then wrote a Facebook post, which appears to have been deleted, about how she was denied service at the steakhouse because of her attire.

According to Charisha, the response to her post has been positive. She says, "Everybody pretty much agrees—I wasn’t out of bounds or out of line in any way.”

Comments about the incident on other sites that reported on Charisha's story, however, appear to be mixed, with some Facebook users saying she just wants attention and that she truly was violating a health code with her attire. Others defended the mom. One Facebook user wrote, "Wow, are there ever a lot of people offended by the sight of a pregnant woman. Holy hell people, get over yourselves." Another said, "Why are people so grossed out over pregnant bellies???? I legit don't understand. Somebody explain this to me."

Since sharing her story, the restaurant has issued an apology on their Twitter and Facebook pages, writing: "We sincerely apologize for the misunderstanding and will cover with all staff as to how to not overly enforce a rule that is intended to make all guests feel comfortable. The server in question has been with our company and a great employee for almost 20 years and was trying to use her best judgment and by no means was trying to be demeaning to the guest. Again our sincere apology for misunderstanding."