Pink Gives New Meaning to 'Workflow' with Intimate Working-While-Nursing Pic | Working Mother

Pink Gives New Meaning to 'Workflow' with Intimate Working-While-Nursing Pic

Her son has clearly inherited his mom's multitasking skills!

Although in recent years there's been more of a push to normalize breastfeeding in public, it's still refreshing when women share candid snaps detailing the struggles and joys of nursing. So when a famous mom decides to post one on social media, it's considered special enough to make headlines—but celeb mom Pink's latest Instagram nursing pic is special for one more reason: her epic caption.

Over the weekend, the singer and mom to daughter Willow Sage Heart, 6, and son Jameson Moon Heart, 7 months, posted a photo of herself smiling while nursing her son. In the photo, the tot is playing with a makeup brush. Describing the scene, the songstress writes: "Jameson can multitask too #workflow"

What an adorable photo! It's safe to say, from looking at that pic, workflow has taken on a whole new meaning specific to moms who are nursing or pumping. And we have a feeling Jameson gets his multitasking gift from his mom.

Another thing worth noting: Pink conveniently placed a lips sticker to cover her nipple in the photo, since Instagram currently has a no-nipple policy.

Posted just two days ago, the photo has already accumulated over 172,000 likes. Some commenters praised her for being awesome for posting such a pic, and one user wrote: "I'm weeks, if not days, away from having my first baby, and I can't wait to try breastfeeding!! Thanks for being such a great role model!"

This isn't the first time the mom of two has uploaded a photo of herself breastfeeding to Instagram. In April, she shared of a pic of herself nursing her son during a hike, writing, "Hiking makes us thirsty! #happybaby #hotpocket #normalizebreastfeedingyo #arewethereyet."

In an ideal world, we wouldn't need a celeb to help reinforce how we feel about our method of feeding our babies—after all, regular moms breastfeed all the time, minus the hundreds of thousands of likes—but it's hard to deny that a celeb as famous as Pink can help make a statement and spread a positive message about motherhood that'll reach millions really fast. In this case, it's that there shouldn't be any shame to breastfeeding.