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The Not-So-Obvious Reason So Many Moms Are in the Healthcare Industry

A new study highlights another factor that makes the field so attractive to them.

Female Doctor in Healthcare

Women make up 83 percent of workers in the healthcare industry.

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It's no secret that women are concentrated in the healthcare industry, but the reasons why may be a bit more complex. Aside from salary and the belief that women are the more compassionate, nurturing sex, and are therefore well-suited to work in such fields, a new study suggests another reason so many women end up becoming nurses, doctors, pharmacists and aides.

The Australian career website SEEK looked at what factors attract Australians to certain industries and found that people who seek out jobs in healthcare prioritize work-life balance, the Daily Mail reports. Since women are the majority in the field—an April 2017 report found that women make up 83 percent of all workers in healthcare—and because women tend to be the primary caregivers in families, it's not hard to understand why they'd want to have work-life balance. Having a career and taking care of your family is hard work! According to the study, salary was the second most important factor that drew people to the field, and job security ranked as their third highest priority.

Other careers where people prioritize work-life balance include hospitality and tourism, and community services and development.

Salary was ranked as a top priority by people in construction, marketing and communications, and education, another female-dominated career and perhaps one that's more lucrative in Australia than in the states.

People in retail, meanwhile, viewed job security as the factor that attracted them to their field the most.

The findings are part of SEEK's Law of Attraction study, which worked with a sample of 5,775 people, ages 18 and over, who were living in Australia, were actively seeking or monitoring the jobs market and were looking to change jobs within the next two years.


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