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No Babysitter? This Dad's Hilarious Date Night "Solution" is Epic

If you can't go on a date, then bring the date to you.

It's no secret that parents want to go out and have date nights with their partners. The problem is that it's a lot easier said than done. It's difficult to get out of the house when you have young children and are exhausted from work and parenting. And if the babysitter cancels last minute? Back to the couch you go.

But one dad may found the perfect solution: If you can't go out on a date, then why not bring the date to you? In a hilarious video posted on Facebook, parenting comedian LadBaby shows his fellow dads what happens when you get a little (or a lot) creative. Hint: If you thought inflatable houses were just for kids to bounce around in, think again.

The video begins with the comedian and his wife lounging around with their baby. The wife wishes aloud that they could go out and have a date. After having his offer to get take-out shut down, LadBaby agrees and tells his wife to get ready for a date the next night because he has an idea.


Said no one ever.

Photo: LadBaby

After getting all dolled up, his wife returns for the date. Only to find out they aren't going anywhere and there isn't a babysitter in sight. Instead, they head out to the backyard to find...

Inflatable pub

Nothing better than puns and dates.

Photo: LadBaby

That's right. An inflatable pub is waiting for them in the back. Inside, he's set up a fully-stocked bar and even a dance floor complete with strobe lights and a smoke machine. What else would you expect from the genius behind the viral tool-box lunchbox?

Inflatable pub

It's also the perfect chance to practice your old pick-up lines.

Photo: LadBaby

The best part? No babysitter needed. The couple enjoyed their evening of drinks and dancing with a baby monitor that would let them keep an eye on their little one.

Baby monitor

The perfect use for a baby monitor.

Photo: LadBaby

It looks like the two had a great time without having to leave their house or hire a sitter. Although not good enough for LadBaby's wife to let him keep his bar.

LadBaby video

It doesn't hurt to ask.

Photo: LadBaby