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Nail Salon to "Overweight" Women: You Have to Pay More for a Pedicure

Are feet really that different?

For working moms who barely have any time for themselves, going to a nail salon for a manicure or pedicure can be a real treat. You get to sit down, relax and let someone take care of you for once. The whole point is to leave feeling glam and a touch better about your day.

One Tennessee nail salon, however, doesn't appear to get the idea that you're supposed to make your customers feel better from visiting your business. As reported by Scary Mommy, a salon allegedly has a sign indicating it charges EXTRA to overweight customers getting a pedicure!

Together now: WTF?!

Deshania Ferguson, who spotted the sign while at the salon, posted a photo of it to her Facebook page on March 11 with the caption: "Went to get my nails done on Overton Crossing and Frayser Blvd and this is what they have up ... So rude." The sign itself reads: "Sorry, but if you are overweight, pedicures will be $45 due to service fees for pedicurists. Thank you!" In the comments section, Deshania reveals the salon with the sign is Rose Nails, at a shopping plaza in Memphis, TN.

The post has gotten almost 620 shares and 125 comments since it went up. Many commenters, as you might expect, were infuriated by the offensive sign and vowed never to go there or return. However, some tried to see the salon's side of things, with one user writing: "If your legs and feet are 3 times the [size of an] average person['s] there is nothing wrong with charging extra. That's a lot of work lifting. It's not discrimination, it's business." A few commenters confirmed they had also spotted the sign. One user wrote, " I saw that sign before [when] I used to take my nieces in there, but I stopped. They're unprofessional to ME and slow as hell. I rarely saw anybody get feet done there, only nails cause it's like what $17? Real cheap."

To get the salon's comment on the matter, WREG Memphis reached out to Rose Nails owner Son Nguyen. While he didn't exactly admit that the sign was up in his salon, there were some things about his response that make you go, "Hmm." For example, although Nguyen denied the sign was ever inside his business, he told WREG he has thought about putting such a sign up. When shown another picture of his salon—same flooring, chairs and walls—with the sign visible, he said he still didn't think the sign was posted inside his business. He also told WREG that that he's decided not to service customers who are severely overweight, citing the difficulty technicians have with giving those customers pedicures and the cost of broken chairs at approximately $2,250. And despite denying ever having the sign up, he said he's had customers get upset because of his policies. He adds that he's owned the business for nine years and tries to please his customers. The only extra pedicure fee he admits to is charging an extra $5 for men, since they don't come to the salon as often.

Sign or no sign, there are so many things wrong with this salon's policy regarding overweight women, including fat-shaming. We get that broken chairs can cost money, but shouldn't it be the responsibility of the salon to invest in better chairs? Plus, are the feet of an overweight woman so different from the feet of someone who isn't considered overweight that the former should be charged extra? If lifting feet is an issue, aren't there things a business could buy to help prop feet up, making it easier on the pedicurist? Why risk offending or embarrassing customers by making the ones considered overweight pay even more?

One thing's for sure, now that the news about this nail salon's approach to servicing overweight customers is out in the open, we can't imagine many women wanting to give them their money.


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