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Mom Buys Surprise Egg for Daughter, Finds Razor Blade Inside

Now she wants to warn other parents about the popular treats.

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This is what a mom in New York City found inside her toddler's chocolate treat.

Jenna Dapolito

A mom got a bigger surprise than she bargained for—a terrifying one—when she opened a surprise egg for her 2-year-old daughter yesterday and a razor blade fell out.

It’s every parent’s nightmare: Jenna Dapolito, a mom in New York City’s Staten Island, had purchased a surprise egg for her daughter from a local family-owned convenience store. When she got home, she opened the box, unwrapped the foil a bit and handed the treat to her daughter for her to finish unwrapping and enjoy. “She ate the chocolate around it, and when it was time to open it, I opened it and the razor blade slipped out,” Jenna tells Working Mother.

“I thought I was going to have a heart attack,” she says. “If she was maybe six months older and could have opened it herself, I wouldn’t have noticed.”

She immediately called the store where she purchased the egg, and the owner, who was horrified, quickly took down all of the other merchandise from that vendor. (None of the other eggs he opened contained a razor, Jenna says he confirmed to her.)

The eggs, made by a brand called ChocoTreasure, are produced in Turkey and distributed from Lebanon, New Jersey, the shop’s owner told her. She also notified the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

In addition, Jenna posted about the scary incident on Facebook, hoping to warn other parents about the product and prevent any injuries. “With the whole YouTube surprise egg craze, all these kids want to do is open surprise eggs,” she points out.

It’s true. Videos of adults and kids prying open “surprise eggs,” have as many as 130 million views on YouTube. New York Magazine even published a feature about the strange phenomenon last year.

Since there were no signs of tampering with the box or foil, Jenna believes the razor must have been inserted into the egg before it reached the store’s shelves. “I don’t know if it’s a production error,” she says. “I can’t imagine anyone wanting to harm a child, but there are a lot of sick, sick, sick people out there.”

She hopes the incident serves as a helpful reminder to parents to heed the age-old advice and comb through their kids’ candy before handing it off—especially if it contains a hidden toy or treat. After all, it’s something we often do around Halloween, but may not remember year round.

She’s thankful her daughter wasn’t injured, but plans to take her to the doctor, just to be safe. “There were no visible cuts, but I’m being uber precautious,” she says. We hope little Emma is all clear and glad the horrifying incident didn’t end in tragedy.