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What It'd Look Like If Pregnant Women Wore Their Maternity-Shoot Looks to Work

Some of these take "business casual" a bit too far.

For some reason, getting pregnant these days spurs many women to let down their hair, put on their finest floral crown and ethereal belly-baring frocks, and run to the woods to pose for sun-drenched pictures. We're not knocking maternity shoots (hey, I did one with my first; that's me in red on slide 5). But we couldn't help but wonder what a different place the office would be if these same expecting earth angels were among us, reviewing proposals and waiting in the cafeteria line. We challenged our talented creative director, Cara Reynoso, to put these moms-to-be in everyday workplace situations. Enjoy the hilarious results.


Angels in the outer conference room.

angel in meeting

Gloria from marketing truly is heaven sent.

Creative Commons

Danny: "I think the creative is perfect."

Rhonda: "It seems off-brand to me."

Jennifer: "I'm torn. What do you think, Gloria?"

Gloria: wind chimes; chorus of sopranos singing, "ah"


Shelly's coworkers are the wind beneath her wings.

coworkers in a line

One of these things is not like the others.

Creative Commons

Shelly merely wanted to take her airline's corporate website to new heights.


She's gonna have a problem when she reaches for her sandwich.

waiting for food

What to wear when you're expecting to hang curtains.

Lina Haynes/Creative Commons

Let's hope this floor-length doily doesn't drop to the floor.


Just catching up on a little girl talk at the office.

women in an office

Uh, make sure the door is closed.

Leandro Cesar Santana

Sonia: "So, how did you get pregnant."

Leslie: "Mmmm ... like this."


Pay no attention to the woman in the curtain.

woman on a desk

This part of the office could use some livening up anyway.

Meredith hadn't received her standing desk yet, so she knelt on the old one until it arrived.


I wanna soak up the sun.

lunch on the grass

One of these colleagues wasn't invited on the lunch date.

Marcos Moraes

Hey, Genie, we know you're annoyed they canceled your prenatal yoga class, but you could've left a couple more feet between you and David.


That moment when you're caught navel gazing during the 2:00 ...

pregnant woman in pajamas

Maybe Laura's next big idea will come from her belly.


Marcia, top left, hoped if she stared straight ahead, she could focus on the group brainstorm instead of whatever Laura was trying to summon from her abdomen.


Just a little tutu much ...

pregnant woman in meeting

Poofy, tulle skirts are all the rage in maternity office fashion.

Celso Ricardo/Flickr

Dina couldn't wait until the end of the presentation to show Brad just how many layers her new skirt has.


When in doubt, lean back.

pregnant woman stretching

A workplace window ledge is just begging to be stretched upon.

Creative Commons

Jaime had had enough of her chair and laptop and decided to send emails with her mind.


A very secret handshake.

business meeting

The lady in white is so excited to be introduced.

Kelly Sikkema

Carley is smirking because she's going to make the new hire shake her unborn baby's hand too.