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Stress Less

It's not surprising that female executives are more stressed and anxious than their male counterparts. Here, stress-management strategies.

Female executives are 11 percent more stressed and 16 percent more anxious than their male counterparts, according to a recent study by San Francisco–based coaching and therapy website Lantern ( “Many high-achieving women also have personality traits that are near-perfectionist,” says Anne Devereux-Mills, Lantern’s chief strategy officer. “It helps them be successful, but it makes it hard to feel okay getting a B instead of an A.” Here, her stress-management strategies.

Priority Report
Firmly set your top three priorities and stick to them. Decide what you’re willing and not willing to trade, and live in those decisions. Not having to decide what takes priority will save mental energy.

Singular Focus
Divided attention means nothing gets done well anywhere, which causes more stress. so keep your eye on one thing at a time. When you’re at work, focus 100 percent on your tasks. When you’re at home, devote everything to family time. You’ll feel better, and others will appreciate your mindful presence.

Control Central
Once you let go of the pressure to perfect things beyond your control, life gets easier.

Team Play
Many senior-level women feel they’re going to be viewed as weak if they ask for help. But when you do, it’s a team victory when there’s a win—and when there’s a loss, you’re not carrying the whole burden.