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12 Mom-Approved Books to Give on Mother's Day

If your mom or a working mom friend is addicted to her Kindle or unable to pass a bookstore without stopping in for a browse, we've got the just-right gift solution (and you can drop hints if this is you!).

Finding a gift equivalent to a mom’s worth every year is no easy feat. While it isn’t physically possible to wrap the world—what she deserves—and give it to her, why not simply transport your mom (or another mother in your life) to another one? These 12 refreshing and exhilarating novels are sure to capture the imagination and leave literary memories bound to last a lifetime.

Modern Lovers

Modern Lovers, by Emma Straub

For the mom who still has buddies from her college days, this witty novel may hit a soft spot. Modern Lovers explores the shock of middle age and the fascinating ways children take after their parents. From the New York Times bestselling author of The Vacationers, this entertaining novel about the intricacies of friendships and nostalgia for youth is sure to be a go-to beach read this summer ($18, amazon.com).

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The Tolling of Mercedes Bell

The Tolling of Mercedes Bell, by Jennifer Dwight

When widowed paralegal Mercedes Bell falls under the seductive spell of a new lawyer at her firm, she not only risks her heart but also unknowingly risks the life of her daughter. This dramatic and intoxicating novel about how far a mother will go to protect her child will completely seize heartbeats until the last page is read ($14, amazon.com).

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The House That Made Me

The House That Made Me, by Grant Jarrett

This heartwarming reading experience is a collection of essays reflecting on the significance of one incredibly important word: home. Every story stirs emotion as different award-winning authors dive deep into personal nostalgia and detail diverse stories of childhood, unique upbringings and unforgettable childhood experiences. For the mom who loves to cry, The House That Made Me touches even the most hidden corners of the heart ($15, amazon.com).

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The Nest

The Nest, by Cynthia Sweeney

Amy Poehler dubbed this novel “intoxicating,” and we totally second that. The Nest explores the hilarious and darkly dysfunctional Plumb Family and the power of family bonds—and money. Simmering tensions explode when four siblings confront the fate of their joint trust fund; their individual thirsts for money threaten to ruin their family forever. If Mom thinks your family has problems, this electrifying novel will make her feel way better ($18, amazon.com).

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First Women

First Women, by Kate Andersen Brower

There is no greater family drama than First Family drama. For those political-loving mothers still obsessed with Jackie Kennedy, First Women explores untold insights of the remarkable women who've held the FLOTUS title since 1960. From rivalries and friendships to the struggles of maintaining marriage under a nation’s scrutiny, this group biography illuminates the secret life of being First Lady in the world’s most powerful country ($20, amazon.com).

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Parting Gifts

Parting Gifts, by Katrina Anne Willis

We can totally imagine our woman crush Reese Witherspoon optioning this for her next Oscar-worthy film: Parting Gifts is about three strong-willed and independent Midwestern sisters who discover the delicacy of their bond through confronting life’s most harrowing complications. For any mama who relishes family drama, this novel is sure to satisfy ($10, amazon.com).

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Miller’s Valley

Miller’s Valley, by Anna Quindlen

This story is a celebratory ode to a widely universal truth: The best way to find yourself is in your roots. In this emotionally charged tale, Mimi Miller discovers decades of shocking truths and dark secrets in her family’s hometown, leading her to question everything she has ever known. Definitely for the homebodies in this world, Miller’s Valley is a gentle reminder to never forget your family and where you come from—even when you aren’t proud of it ($16, amazon.com).

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The Art of Crash Landing

The Art of Crash Landing, BY Melissa DeCarlo

For moms who love mysterious family secrets, The Art of Crash Landing is a poignant and humbling tale that reminds us that answers are often found in our past. This story follows one woman’s journey to her mother’s hometown, where she uncovers startling truths and an intoxicating mystery that forever changed her family. A page turner—guaranteed ($10, amazon.com).

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Hover, by Anne Wilson

We already know that girls run the world, but can they run the Navy too? Lt. Sara Denning joined the Naval Academy to follow in her late brother’s footsteps, but her military journey introduces her to a life she never imagined. From battling for her survival to fighting for respect in a man’s world, this story explores Sara’s journey to finding herself while honoring her heart’s desires. A novel that transcends romance and military fiction, Hover is this year’s celebration of self-empowerment ($12, amazon.com).

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Flight Patterns

Flight Patterns, Karen White

Can you ever go back to family after you left them behind? Fine China expert Georgia Chambers spent her life trying to forget her past, but she is forced to return to her hometown in Florida to explore someone else’s. Flight Patterns captures the pain of shedding your deepest regrets and the journey to seeking forgiveness ($18, amazon.com).

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Commonwealth, by Ann Patchett

Southern California family drama—yes, please! Commonwealth explores the story of how one scandalous romance forever changes two families, with four parents and six children involved. This heart-wrenching yet brilliant tale captures the challenges of loyalty and the inescapable bond of family. A mom who believes in the power of love—this novel has her name on it ($21, amazon.com).

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Journey to Munich

Journey to Munich: A Maisie Dobbs Novel, by Jacqueline Winspear

If your mom has lust for mystery and an undeniable weakness for historical fiction, then Journey to Munich is a win. This adrenaline-inducing novel follows the intriguing adventures of female spy Maisie Dobbs, a British Secret Service agent sent into the dangerous heart of Nazi Germany. This is the latest installment in Winspear’s New York Times bestselling series, so if your mom is hooked to Maisie’s secret spy lifestyle, she’ll be thrilled to discover the story doesn’t end ($17, amazon.com).

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