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Share the A.M. Love

How to show the love, Valentine's Day style.

Morning hugs

Morning hugs

Make mornings more meaningful any day with these V-Day-inspired ideas.

Create cuddle time. Before you charge into your crazy day, take a moment to tiptoe into your child’s room, get under the covers and snuggle up together. Smell his hair and marvel at how much he’s grown as he slowly wakes up. Include a bunch of additional good-morning hugs and kisses.

Make a beautiful breakfast. Whip up waffles with fresh red strawberries and let your child sprinkle the powdered sugar on top. Have the family stow electronic devices—even for five minutes—and gather around the table to connect and talk about their upcoming day.

Write sweet notes. Sneak a cute little love message into your child’s lunchbox, telling her how proud you are that she rocked her math test. Or send your tween a text with plenty of emoticons wishing her a great day and letting her know you love her. Both of these work for hubby, too!

Source: Heather Hans, PhD, a psychotherapist in Boulder, CO